1 years to 200 thousand users, the Internet online university how to make science and technology – Sohu recently inspector back to Beijing trip, the first stop is to visit the three class team. Three Co founders. Left: Huang Youcan;: display Hui; right: Xu Caixing (cloth) said the inspector and the three class team also has a long history, and co-founder Xu Caixing (cloth) known for two or three years, the three class is a reliable to do things, warm love team, and explore the Silicon Valley. Temperament matches. If you want to do Internet products or business careers, or to find the Internet related work of college students, or the Internet industry practitioners, about three classes may be useful to you. When the three story of the man in 2014, and the inspector shall we send him in the discussion of black five purchasing a GoPro, and a few that old buddy do a free line in time under the product manager training, is actually free, they can not help feeling the team is the conscience of the industry. From September 2014 to September 2015, three classes of free line courses carried out dozens of times, the cultivation of a large group of loyal volunteers and fans, each period, it was a special trip from the field to participate in the curriculum. By October 2015, when three people also in Baidu, and the Pew and Zhou Botong work full-time, out formally founded the three class. The founder of Luke (Hou Xianhui) had fought in the Internet industry for many years. Since 2000, he has been in the recruitment, Ali, Baidu and other first tier company. The man was well versed in learning and thinking of product director, product of the road, but you never thought he was the first to actually do the second-hand housing intermediary. Well, give up the money to do the second-hand housing intermediary is estimated to engage in the Internet, regret the intestines are green. He also worked in the network news media editor, record industry, also made a public Postcard exchange site. From 2007 to 2011, he worked as a senior product manager at Baidu, began to engage in a product from 0, later spent three years as a product director at ganji.com. There is the original ninth yellow gem class COO, proficient in operation, there is also a story of male students, although only junior high school, has grown into the operation field of Montana, have done many crazy things. "". For example, he had launched a crowdfunding, open 3 per 100 thousand yuan quota, and the return is only "operations related consulting, recruitment information, to help write 1~2 PR article," within 10 hours to complete 300 thousand of the public to raise the target, and a reward of up to 22 thousand yuan. What do the three story men want to do? The goal of the three lesson is to make China’s Udacity, an Internet user’s online university. One of the most important observation is that college graduates lack a transitional period before they go to the society. Lack of talent in the market, the lack of structural knowledge of graduates. Said bluntly, just don’t want to do the training, this one-time business although earn more money, but just a one-time consumption, a product they want to do an internet education product, and users together.相关的主题文章:

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