1 yuan spike Chinese medicine meridian body check hand slowly! The body and the car, there is a shelf life, you can remember that regular maintenance? In the hall of eleven Health Carnival, the inspection and maintenance of their own, plus refueling! You care deeply about the double 11 Carnival come La ~ health! Double 11 sweep the two-dimensional code below the day to buy cheap deals! – POPULAR PRODUCT – popular health project 11, a big wave of deals are being struck chips, no slow hand! PART 1:1 the popularity of meridian Examination Yuan seckill ticket PART 2: two 11 popular Chinese medicine expert consultation seckill ticket PART 3: two 11 person cash voucher in PURCHASE seckill conditioning METHOD – Methods 1 time: Double panic buying buy eleven day 2 scan two-dimensional code below 3 panic buying call 400-820-8071 contact customer service, you can make an appointment to the store experience time. 4 reservation code to the store to enjoy. Information Hotline: 400-820-8071 limited, to grab kazakhstan! In the hall the domestic professional institutions in meridian conditioning by the church, the meridian problem solving system founder, adhering to "Chinese medicine and health in China Everbright" mission, inheritance and innovation of the Millennium ancient Chinese medicine meridian skills, starting from the activation of human self-healing function, with the help of external repair and maintenance the whole meridian system that provides more fundamental medical help for solving health problems. In the hall as a key project of Chinese medicine science and Technology Cooperation Center China Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, to fill the gaps in our professional meridian conditioning, and in 2012 became the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine "zhiweibing" engineering demonstration unit, lead the direction of development of Chinese medicine health industry. One party, by the church in the personalized meridian dialectical conditioning massage industry from the market, by the church, there is a "meridian examination – – tracking feedback effect of dialectical prescription adjustment" effect of science management system: · characteristics of meridian examination: by the church in the examination of the characteristics of meridian, meridian Guan Qiao, Qi, spine, viscera and other layers of the investigation, one can find the precise physical problems and internal reasons to symptomatic conditioning; on the other hand, for some big problems to early warning, such as: cerebral infarction three months ahead of a blood sugar problem, half a year in advance, stones can be found in less than 0.1cm, so before no major disaster caused by health problems timely intervention, eliminate in the bud. Diagnosis: 5 minutes of tank tank through the 11 button on the back of the human body hologram, by means of three-dimensional magnetic field and the magnetic field of the human body form a tank like map to determine the status of the meridians, all the limbs and bones. Palpation: abnormal signal by hand or tactile perception of human health issues, such as the skin, limbs, chest and abdomen, organs and other parts for touch, touch, press, distinguished by its warm and cool and moist, dry, soft and hard, swelling, lumps and pressing of reaction etc.. · expert consultation: a total of 1 national, provincial and municipal level相关的主题文章:

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