11 double color TV battle upgrade storm TV what ranked sales list? Sohu China technology science and technology information network November 12th news: Recently, the LCD panel TV occupy higher cost appears prices across the board, constrained the development of the whole TV industry, but also exacerbated the market competition of the TV industry 11. As of press time, Tmall for the first time in the double 11 industry star storm TV sales of over 90000 units sold way ahead, Tmall TV won the first category. The first Tmall double 11, double 11 to win the champion war once, in just 27 minutes. Storm TV sold 10000 units, 8 hours and 33 minutes, 8 hours and 35 sales break million 40X sales exceeded 50000 units into a single product in the Tmall championship, apparently storm TV single channel absolute advantage, real it won the sales champion. According to Tmall business staff backstage, at the time of the storm TV sales have way ahead, far ahead of the music as millet, micro whales and other competitors, leading to the second to 1.5 times the advantage of rolling style won the first prize, sales of up to 90000. Currently, home appliance sales data is still growing, from the trend point of view, storm TV still has an overwhelming advantage. Prior to the field of Internet TV once the early entry into the market as the music, millet, cool open TV double storm and a situation of tripartite confrontation, 11 won the "spoiler", undoubtedly has broken the original pattern of industry, creating a new order of Internet TV industry. Like, "what storm TV dominating the double 11 color TV sales list" has become the industry, users are most concerned about the issue of. Based on storm group DT entertainment and N421 strategy, storm TV Liu Yaoping gives the answer. Internet platform upgrade, TV computing power with the rapid development of the Internet economy, the era has been from the "I" as the center of the IT era to others as the center of the DT era. Currently, the Internet platform has evolved from the initial single PC platform, the evolution of the current PC, mobile and Internet TV platform, and the next ten years will continue to upgrade the Internet platform. Obviously, in the past two years, the rapid popularity of smart phones led to the popularity of the mobile Internet scene. When the era turned from IT to DT, the family centric large screen interactive scene has become the next entrance to the Internet touch. The TV as an important deployment of DT entertainment under the storm group, CEO Liu Yaoping said: "the future of the family Home Furnishing smart or intelligent hardware or plays a very important role in computing TV, computing ability in a very important position, the mobile scene is a mobile phone, the family is TV". In other words, the future of the big screen based on the Internet in the family scene, TV is certainly a big platform for DT entertainment platform for the big entertainment to promote the deployment of ports. As an important strategic deployment in the N421 screen, the TV computing capacity in independent research and development under the support of TV, provides an important channel connecting the home with the outside world for the user, to allow more users to enjoy the rapid development of Internet service. Family entertainment scene diversification, VR, AR real.相关的主题文章:

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