12 New Zealand aquaculture companies show pure quality aquatic products – Sohu food and beverage China International Fisheries Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "fair") held in Qingdao International Expo Center, 2016. New Zealand Trade Development Council to join the 12 Fisheries Fisheries enterprises from New Zealand, the formation of the National Museum of New Zealand, the re appearance of the fisheries Expo, to promote and showcase a series of quality New Zealand fisheries. New Zealand vast sea area, long coastline, has the excellent environment and richly endowed by nature pure seafood farming and fishing conditions. New Zealand sea industry attaches great importance to the sustainable development of its original ecological waters and resource protection. In view of the proper protection of the coastline of 15134 kilometers and the seafood is rich in resources of nurturing New Zealand, twice won the world’s title of sustainable development of Fisheries management. The fishery enterprises of the New Zealand Pavilion: New Zealand fjords (Fiordland Lobster Company) lobster company, Future Cuisine company, limited partnership (Kono), New Zealand Krono Marine company, Foods (Moana New Zealand) Maori seafood, imperial salmon (Mt Cook Alpine Mount Cook Salmon), Port Nicholson (Shanghai) company, Lan Weile lobster Food Co. Ltd. (Oravida), PauaCo company, Sanford limited, Sealord group, wellav fisheries Ltd. (Vela Fishing), as China peers and consumers to take wild rock lobster, abalone, scallops, oysters, black Qingkou, imperial salmon and other natural and pure fresh aquatic products. NZTE China consultant chef Dion McGrath (Maddie) also came to the scene again, in the New Zealand Pavilion for everyone in the demonstration and explanation of New Zealand seafood food cooking methods and know-how, visitors can close to understand how to use the simple cooking techniques prominent New Zealand aquatic sweet flavor. New Zealand’s traditional Maori dance performances HAKA dance also brought New Zealand’s unique cultural characteristics and simple Maori cultural experience. New Zealand in the waters of the original ecological aquaculture high-grade aquatic products, accounting for about 17% of New Zealand exports of aquatic products. The international market in New Zealand exports 130 kinds of seafood, the formation of sustainable development, aquatic products supply chain safety, seafood exports about 1 billion 630 million New Zealand dollars year. A benefit from the new bilateral free trade agreement, from 2012 onwards, the import of most New Zealand seafood products zero tariff, Chinese has become New Zealand’s largest export of aquatic products to China export Edayue NZ $516 million. The New Zealand Pavilion is located in the Qingdao fishing Expo E1-0410 E1-0510 booth, welcome to visit, learn more New Zealand seafood business information. In this way, the latest information on Sustainable concerns: the New Zealand Trade Development Council website: www.nzte.govt.nz CN Z相关的主题文章:

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