2016 Chinese 3D technology and creative exposition opened in Beijing – Beijing Beijing in October 25 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Wenxi) 2016 China 3D technology and Creative Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "3D Expo") 25 days in Beijing Chaoyang Planning Museum of art opening. The next 6 days, 3D Expo will be a comprehensive interpretation of the audience for the digital creative industry and offer the most dazzling virtual effects experience. The 12 plate comprehensive interpretation of digital creative industry as part of the Eleventh Beijing fair, the 3D Expo theme of "digital creative industry in the future". Organizers will be a comprehensive interpretation of the 12 sectors, to the 3D fans uncover digital creativity this strategic emerging industries, the veil of mystery. The opening ceremony, the domestic cultural and creative aspects of film and television, VR, experts and scholars around the Chinese exploration of digital creative industry in the future "and" open China film industrial technology chain? The new pattern "," research of virtual reality technology and the development of the scene "three topics. Focus on the development trend of China’s digital creative industry, industrial integration, virtualization technology in the production of film, video visual effects of the whole process management, virtual shooting, etc.. The next 5 days, will also launch the "Chinese film industrial ecology system" and "unremittingly pursue — 10 years of visual exploration of the road movie", "film and television production system technology seminar" and other activities of the forum, to show the digital creative charm from different sides. The visual Master international coffee appeared to get together for 3D fans and enjoy watching effects blockbuster audiences, the 3D Expo is not only a visual feast not to be missed, it is a great opportunity to see the international visual effects artist, understand the story behind the true effects. The international visual association (VES) director, Singapore VHQ Group CEO Dayne Cowan film, Hollywood senior visual effects artist Ron Fisher, the famous American film director 4A international advertising company DMG CEO Dan Mintz, "and" dragon tactic producer Tao Kun industry experts hundred guests will attend this event. The concern is that Dayne Cowan will be at the exhibition with Queen’s team at the scene to share a classic case of Hollywood movie industrialization and everyone is how to make large reproduction effects ". In addition, the exhibition will be the first to show part of the domestic and foreign advanced film production equipment, and other T film special effects makeup show. At the same time, the duration of the daily morning show excellent 3D4K films at home and abroad, free and open to the public experience. (end)相关的主题文章:

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