2016 necessary 8 spring and summer shoes! Miss sincerely recommend! Sohu, the Spring Festival and Valentine’s day are over! Back to the trajectory of work, a variety of dressing ideas also come! "Years ago" spring ", you can have the impression bestie? Well, Miss today introduced the 8 colors of this year are the latest T Taiwan pet, specially suitable for spring and summer season now be neither hot nor cold. Take a look, for the grass! Rainbow rainbow is the trend of all major brands this year, plus the meaning of the rainbow, which makes it special. Go and pick a pair of rainbow shoes for you. A pointed shoe tip doesn’t just refer to a new shoe silhouette. This durable classic shoe, sexy, metallic feel, or lace can instantly blend in, and you’ll find your new style in the pointed shoe. Bright white white? The cleanest, most pure adventure, but easily lost, or into a pair of white! Oxford shoes Oxford shoes combines the world’s two best elements: comfort and elegance. Is there any reason why you can refuse it?. Rough heel shoes are more comfortable than traditional heels, and suede is more elegant. Sneakers have become a lifestyle representative from a common fitness shoe, and they are more integrated into the street fashion. Muller shoes will continue to be hot this spring and summer. Let’s get started. Lace shoes, shoelaces tied with self-evident sexy, mixed Rome shoes neutral handsome, is also indispensable. After reading these 8 groups, I believe you have been eager for this summer! The hottest female fashion social app, the most beautiful women are here. Apple App Store Miss- Android application market search, women’s fashion life can download, come on! Miss social partners and girlfriends change lifestyle Miss goddess

2016必备8款春夏鞋!Miss诚意推荐!-搜狐 春节 和情人节都过完啦!回到了上班的轨迹中,各种穿衣打扮的心思也就来了!话说年前就已经“立春”了,各位闺蜜可还有印象?好吧,Miss今天介绍的这8种色系都是今年最新的T台宠儿,专门适用于眼下春夏交替不冷不热的好时节。一起来看看,准备长草!   彩虹色 彩虹色是今年所有大牌的发布趋势,再加上彩虹所代表的含义,更令它特别。快去挑选一双适合自己的彩虹鞋吧。      尖头鞋   尖头不单单是指一个新鞋轮廓,这款经久不衰的经典鞋款,性感、金属感、或者加鞋带,都能马上融为一体,你也一定能在尖头鞋里找到自己的新风格。      亮白色   白色?最干净、最纯洁,冒险却又容易白搭,还是入一双白色吧!      牛津鞋   牛津鞋结合了世界上最好的两个元素:,舒适与优雅。还有什么理由让你可以拒绝它。      粗跟鞋   传统复古的粗跟鞋跟细高跟比起来,会更加舒服,而麂皮材质也会更优雅。      运动鞋   运动鞋已经从一爽普通的健身鞋鞋变成一种生活方式的代表,更完美的融进了街头时尚里。      穆勒鞋   今年春夏,依然会持续大热。快入手吧。      系带鞋   鞋带捆绑有着不言而喻的性感,混合罗马鞋的中性帅气,也是必不可少的了。      看完这8组,相信你已经对这个夏天,跃跃欲试了!      超火爆的女性时尚社交app,最美的女人都在这里。苹果app store 安卓各大应用市场搜索Miss-女性时尚生活即可下载,快来加入吧!   Miss 闺蜜社交 和闺蜜一起换种生活方式 Miss女神相关的主题文章:

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