2017 country examination guidance: Maxivista graduates choose national test position 2017 national civil service exam will sign up on October 15th, this is an important step, there is a saying, "do better than quote well", although some exaggeration, but there is also some truth. The same is the score, some students will be able to enter the interview, and some of the thousands of miles away from the interview, it can not be said that there is a great relationship with the choice of job registration. In job selection, candidates must consider many factors, should not only consider the factors involved in the post, such as regions, departments, salary, development space and so on; but also consider their own factors, such as hobbies, professional, political affiliation, grass-roots work experience and so on; but we must consider the factors such as the number of applicants, registration, competition the proportion of the number of. So, how to more than 1.5 jobs to select suitable jobs, public education experts believe that to understand the position in the table is an important step, will only look at the job table can accurately pick up their own jobs. The 2017 national civil service exam position table is divided into four forms: the institutions directly under the Central Party organs, organs of the central state administrative organs of State Administration, the central (provincial level and below), according to the civil servant law management institutions. Candidates can choose a system they want to report, and then find a suitable position in the specific position. Students will use the EXCEL form in the search for their own position will be faster. Below, the public education experts on the crowd to teach students some search skills. Fresh is "a huge groups of bowl, annual national exams will recruit graduates of graduates is a very good chance. Public education experts suggest that students from their own conditions to start to find jobs, because of their own condition is hard conditions, such as professional, education, grass-roots work experience, if not up to the standard, this position is certainly not reported. The first step: to start from the "grass-roots work experience" selected for graduates, there is no grass-roots work experience, therefore, suggested that the examinee first pick out the unlimited grass-roots work experience column position, so that you do not meet the conditions of post screen out. Public education experts here to remind the candidates, the employment of college graduates leave school to college graduates internship base (the base as the basic unit) to practice or to enterprises and institutions to participate in research projects experience, can be regarded as a grass-roots work experience. College graduates in the school during the social practice experience, can not be regarded as grass-roots work experience. The second step: in accordance with the "degree" to select the rest of the positions, candidates can first choose their own qualifications, such as graduate students can choose: this will remove a number of positions, the last remaining position is scanty. Note: in the table Zhaolu position required degree is the highest degree candidates obtained. Social workers should have been obtained with the highest academic qualifications to register for college graduates to get the highest academic qualifications to apply for. The third step: in accordance with the "professional" selection of education after the election, candidates can choose a professional, such as political.相关的主题文章:

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