23 year old boy in Chengdu want to commit suicide in Shaanxi overnight and two alarm Kuquan uncle "jumped it", "I can’t hold on, or dead"…… In the evening of November 12th, Mr. Wang, who was in Shaanxi, couldn’t sleep., a 23 year old boy from Qionglai, Xu Chao (alias), continued to express his "death intention"". This makes him nervous and worried, he constantly through WeChat sent to persuade information, at the same time, the two time to Sichuan police alarm, hope the guy can give up the idea of suicide. In fact, the two people did not know each other, only accidentally met him through a post, and didn’t even know his name." Mr. Wang said. The guy wanted to commit suicide the night he besought 6 hours two alarm at the age of 40, Mr. Wang lives in Shaanxi, he and Xu Chao had not met. A few days ago, Mr. Wang posted a friend’s post in his post bar, and then Xu Chao became a WeChat friend with the net name "his tears flowing". Shortly after the exchange, Xu Chao suddenly showed the idea of suicide. In communication, Xu Chao expressed "suffering too much to die" and "jumping off a building""…… Xu Chao said, "life is not good", career and love are not, has been "can not adhere to the."". In the face of Xu Chao’s suicide message, Mr. Wang is always difficult to fall asleep, and continue to dialogue with Xu Chao, for him to analyze the reality of the situation, while holding a variety of examples to let him give up the idea of suicide, from the evening of the beginning, lasted more than 6 hours. During the period, Mr. Wang also asked Sichuan police for help two times. On the evening of 12, Mr. Wang first reported to the police in Chengdu, but because he did not know the specific information of Xu Chao, the police also difficult to deal with, and suggested that they understand the specific address and other information after the call again. Subsequently, Mr. Wang learned from the chat that Xu Chao’s home address is located in the town of Qionglai clip, and carried out second times alarm. Chengdu 110 command center transferred police information to local police in Qionglai. "When we arrived at his house, we found that the situation was basically the same as that of Mr. wang." Clip police station police introduced, through the scene to understand, Xu Chao is not at home, his family economic situation is not ideal, only his mother at home, father outside work. Party guy: Thank you very much for his words of comfort, and will try to adjust yesterday, the reporter through efforts, and Xu Chao made contact. He told reporters that he is currently in Chengdu, poor family conditions, work for several years also always encounter difficulties, coupled with physical illness, began to sprout life and death. "No ability, heart tired."." He said, his 17 year old began to work out, but it is always a hit, "into the factory, apprenticed, but has very high heart, never save money, then the training of software development, software development, and to do when deceived MLM, after staying at home for a time to go to work while self college, but has been ill take medicine is not good." For their own stick in the "Seclusion" idea, in fact, is to find a place to adjust their mentality. "Thank you very much for his comforting words, and I think a lot these days, and try to adjust your situation." Xu Chao said. Chengdu Daily reporter Du Yuquan note: the video for the extended reading: Hubei guy want to jump the bridge to commit suicide even the crowd booing jump

23岁成都小伙想轻生 陕西大叔连夜苦劝并两次报警 “跳楼算啦”、“坚持不了了,死了也好”……11月12日晚,身在陕西的王先生怎么也睡不着,微信里23岁邛崃小伙徐超(化名),不断表达着自己的“死意已决”。这让他变得紧张而担心,他不停地通过微信发去劝说信息,同时两次向四川警方报警,希望小伙能够放弃轻生的念头。而其实两人并不相识,“只是通过一个帖子偶然结识的,甚至不知道他的名字。”王先生说。小伙想轻生他连夜苦劝6小时 两次报警40岁的王先生居住在陕西,他与徐超原本并不相识。几天前,王先生在贴吧发出一条交友的帖子,而后与网名为“他的眼泪在流淌”的徐超成为了微信好友。交流不久后,徐超突然表现出了轻生的念头。在交流中,徐超接连表示“受苦太多想死”、“跳楼算了”……徐超说,自己“命不好”,事业和爱情都没有,已经“坚持不了了”。面对徐超发来的轻生消息,王先生始终难以入睡,并持续跟徐超进行对话,为他分析现实的处境,同时举着各种例子让他放弃轻生的念头,从当天傍晚开始,持续了6个多小时。期间,王先生还曾两次向四川警方报警求助。12日傍晚,王先生第一次向成都警方报警,但由于不知道徐超的具体信息,警方也难以处理,并建议其了解到具体住址等信息后再次来电。随后,王先生从聊天中得知徐超的家庭住址位于邛崃夹关镇,又进行了第二次报警。成都110指挥中心将警情转给了邛崃当地警方。“我们到了他家里,发现情况与王先生讲的基本一致。”夹关派出所民警介绍,通过现场了解,徐超并不在家里,他家经济状况不太理想,仅有其母亲在家,父亲在外务工。当事小伙:很感谢他的安慰话,会努力调整昨日,记者通过努力,与徐超取得了联系。他向记者透露,自己目前身在成都,家庭条件不好,工作几年也总是遭遇不顺,加上身体生病,才开始萌生死意。“没能力,心累。”他说,自己17岁就开始出来工作,但总是一次次遭到打击,“进过厂,做过学徒,但一直静不下心来,一直没存到钱,后来培训了软件开发,去做软件开发的时候又被骗传销,出来后在家待了一段时间想一边工作一边去自考大专,却又生病一直吃药也不见好。”对于自己在贴吧中的“隐居”想法,其实是想找个地方调整一下自己的心态。“很感谢他的安慰话,这些天也想了很多,会努力调整自己的状态。”徐超说。成都商报记者 杜玉全注:视频为扩展阅读 湖北:小伙轻生欲跳桥 围观群众竟然起哄快跳相关的主题文章:

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