The 28 departments issued a memorandum of cooperation: Joint Disciplinary food and drug serious dishonesty Beijing September Beijing – in 23, according to the State Food and Drug Administration website news, the 28 departments of the State Development and Reform Commission, the food and Drug Administration jointly reached a memorandum of cooperation, joint discipline of food and drug production and operation of serious dishonesty to carry out dynamic management the food and drug production and operation of serious dishonesty list, timely update the relevant information, the relevant departments and timely push to participate in Joint Disciplinary dishonesty. For food and drug production and business operators from food and drug production and operation of the list of serious dishonesty revoked, the relevant departments should promptly stop the implementation of disciplinary measures. Memorandum of cooperation clear joint disciplinary subjects: the existence of serious dishonesty released food and drug supervision and management departments of food (including food additives), drugs, cosmetics, medical devices (hereinafter referred to as food and drug production operators). The production manager for the enterprise, the relevant personnel Joint Disciplinary object for the enterprise and its legal representative, directly responsible; the production operators for other economic organizations, Joint Disciplinary object and the person in charge of other economic organizations; the production operator is a natural person, the Joint Disciplinary object for himself. On the basis of "Drug Administration Law", "food safety law", "State Council on strengthening the food and product safety supervision and management of special provisions", "medical equipment supervision and management regulations" and other relevant laws and regulations, food and drug supervision and management departments take disciplinary measures according to the food and drug production and operation of serious dishonesty serious dishonesty circumstances, for one or more measures: one is listed as a key regulatory target, encryption of the daily supervision and inspection frequency, enhance the enterprise risk management level; at least every six months for the enterprise purchase inspection certificate and invoice, factory inspection, enterprise management system and the implementation of self-examination, to conduct a comprehensive, in-depth supervision and inspection; two restrictions on food and drug production and business activities in a certain period of time; the three is to regularly carry out food and drug safety inspection or to order the enterprise Please check the third party evaluation; four is of serious dishonesty in violation of relevant laws and regulations, strictly and severely punished. The joint inter departmental disciplinary measures embodied in: to apply for government funds support, apply for the issuance of corporate bonds, for food and sugar import tariff quotas, participate in government procurement activities; the government has made the supply of land, apply for credit financing or apply for credit cards, stock issuance examination and apply for customs clearance, border port sanitation license, apply for tax administration, the new technology support project, the new site opened, or strict audit, or not to support, or to limit or to cancel Pingxianpingyou qualifications, or included in the focus of monitoring objects. A memorandum of cooperation to clear the illegal advertisement broadcast broadcast will strengthen management according to law. The implementation of the Joint Disciplinary way, one is to provide food and drug production and operation of serious dishonesty platform, local credit information sharing platform of information technology and other means to participate in the Joint Disciplinary dishonesty regular food and drug regulatory authorities through the sharing of national credit information department information list. At the same time, the relevant list information in the food and drug regulatory portal, corporate credit information publicity system and credit China website publicity.相关的主题文章:

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