U. S. stock closed up, investors optimistic about the U.S. economic outlook Huitong network February 17th hearing – Tuesday (February 16th), U.S. stocks closed up sharply, the Dow rose more than 220 points, investors optimistic about the U.S. economic outlook, despite the international oil prices plummeted. On the disk, all sectors rose in full swing, technology, cyclical consumer goods and industrial sectors led the way. YAHOO and Alibaba shares were up 8.3% and 8.9%, the S & P 500 index closed up 30.80 points, or 1.7%, at 1895.58 points; the Dow rose 222.57 points, or 1.2%, at 16196.41 points; the NASDAQ closed up 98.44 points, or 2.3%, at 4435.96 points. This week the global investors to buy stocks and other risky assets, analysts believe that the market has been oversold. Investors have regained interest in American stocks, helping to break the strong relationship between stock prices and oil prices in recent weeks. Oil prices fell sharply Tuesday, although Saudi Arabia and several other oil producing countries have agreed to freeze production agreements, but investors believe that this is not enough to ease the global oversupply of oil. WTI crude oil futures closed down 1.4%, to $29.04 a barrel; London Brent crude futures closed down 3.6%, to $32.18 a barrel. Other significant stock markets, according to foreign media reports, Alibaba has purchased nearly 33 million shares of American group buying service Groupon shares. The news, Groupon shares rose Tuesday, to the end of the year has risen more than 41%. ADT shares surged by more than 47%, and the company accepted a $6 billion 930 million bid from Apollo global management. It is reported that PC computer company, VAIO, which was spun from SONY, is ready to integrate with Toshiba and Fujitsu’s PC computer business to form a new large PC computer company, thus competing with Lenovo NEC, the largest PC computer manufacturer in japan. Japan’s Mitsubishi Co has signed a letter of intent with an American aircraft leasing company on orders for 20 MRJ90 aircraft, with a total value of about $946 million before the discount. ATR has signed 5 ATR72-600 aircraft orders with the Singapore aircraft rental Avation at the Singapore airshow, with a total value of about $130 million before the discount. Anglo American resources group lost 2015 in fiscal year 1.73, up to $5 billion 620 million, while the group added $12 billion 900 million debt, adjusted earnings per share of 64 cents per year, lower than the same period last year earnings per share $$. The Dow refers to the hourly chart shows into [shares] discuss Sina Finance

【美股收盘】收涨,投资者看好美国经济前景   汇通网2月17日讯——周二(2月16日)美股收盘大幅上涨,道指大涨逾220点,投资者看好美国经济前景,尽管国际油价大跌。盘面上,所有板块全面上扬,科技、周期性消费品和工业板块领涨。雅虎和阿里巴巴股价分别大涨8.3%和8.9%,   标普500指数收盘大涨30.80点,涨幅1.7%,报1,895.58点;道指收盘大涨222.57点,涨幅1.2%,报16,196.41点;纳指收盘大涨98.44点,涨幅2.3%,报4435.96点。   本周全球投资者开始买进股票等风险资产,分析师认为市场已严重超卖。投资者重新恢复了对美股的兴趣,从而帮助打破了最近几周股价与油价之间建立的强烈的关联关系。   油价周二大幅下跌,虽然沙特等几大产油国达成冻结产量协议,但投资者认为这并不足以缓解全球原油供应过剩局面。美国WTI原油期货收盘大跌1.4%,报每桶29.04美元;伦敦布伦特原油期货收盘大跌3.6%,报每桶32.18美元。   其他走势显著的个股方面,据国外媒体报道,阿里巴巴已经购入将近3300万股美国团购服务Groupon的股票。受此消息刺激,Groupon股票周二一路上涨,至收盘涨幅已超过41%。   ADT股价暴涨逾47%,该公司接受了阿波罗全球管理公司提出的69.3亿美元的收购出价。   据悉,从索尼分拆出来的PC电脑公司VAIO准备与东芝和富士通的PC电脑业务整合,以形成新的大型PC电脑公司,从而与日本最大的PC电脑制造商联想NEC竞争。   日本三菱公司已与美国一家飞机租赁公司就20架MRJ90飞机的订单签订意向书,折扣前总价值约9.46亿美元。ATR公司则与新加坡飞机租赁商Avation在新加坡航展上签订了5架ATR72-600飞机订单,折扣前总价值约1.3亿美金。   中英美资源集团2015财年亏损同比翻倍,达到56.2亿美元,同时,集团新增129亿美元债务,全年调整后每股收益为64美分,低于去年同期每股收益1.73美元。   美股道指小时图显示 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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