YAHOO agreed to sell core assets, Yahoo Corp said 2 days, open to the sale of core assets. That’s quite different from YAHOO’s stance last December. The New York Times reported that YAHOO was brewing related programs in addition to agreeing to sell core assets. This means that the most valuable asset and the equity of Alibaba group will remain in the "shell" of the original company. "YAHOO has an open mind on all options," said Mark Mahaney, an analyst at royal capital markets. It is clear that YAHOO may lose its identity as an independent entity within two years." Whether the final sale of core assets or not, YAHOO will "downsizing"". YAHOO said on the 2 day that about 15% of the 11 thousand employees will be cut out. At the end of the cuts, the number of employees will shrink by about 42% compared with 2012. U.S. media comments, YAHOO sell core assets, meaning CEO (CEO) Marisa Meyer led YAHOO transformation efforts failed. The Wall Street journal believes that the sale of core assets by YAHOO will result in many potential buyers bidding for it. The Wall Street Journal reported that YAHOO portals, mailboxes and other websites clicked about 1 billion times per month, which attracted the media giants such as news group and other telecommunications giants such as Sun Wei communications company. Even the private equity group, the Dezhou Pacific Group, has expressed interest in acquiring all or part of YAHOO’s assets. It’s not easy to assess the value of YAHOO’s assets. In the eyes of investors, YAHOO’s $27 billion market value is mainly attributable to its Alibaba and Yahoo Japan Co shares. Pivotal research analyst Brian waitzer said, excluding the Asian assets and cash, the core business of YAHOO market capitalization of about $3 billion 400 million. YAHOO shareholders, investment agencies and dot worth funds have yet to respond to YAHOO’s latest changes. Shareholders, including the Baird value fund, believe that Meyer and his team failed to lead YAHOO to reinvent itself. Although YAHOO spent over the last three and a half years buying a series of companies, changing corporate identity and hiring top talent in the media industry, YAHOO’s core Internet advertising business has been losing touch with Google and facebook. YAHOO’s other shareholder, SpringOwl Asset Management Co, is unhappy with Meyer. "Now she’s going to sharpen YAHOO’s focus," she said. Why didn’t she do that three and a half years ago?" Meyer said 2 days, restructuring will help YAHOO focus on search, communication and digital content. Bu Xiaoming (Xinhua special feature)

雅虎同意出售核心资产   美国雅虎公司2日说,对出售核心资产持开放态度。这与雅虎去年12月所持立场大相径庭。   美国《纽约时报》报道,除同意出售核心资产外,雅虎正在酝酿相关方案。这意味其最具价值的资产、阿里巴巴集团股权将留在原先公司的“壳”中。   加拿大皇家银行资本市场公司分析师马克・马哈尼说:“雅虎对所有选项持开放态度。很明显,雅虎可能在两年内失去独立实体的身份。”   不管核心资产最终出售与否,雅虎都将“瘦身”。雅虎2日说,现有1.1万名员工中,大约15%将被裁掉。裁员最终结束时,员工数量将比2012年时缩水大约42%。   美国媒体评论,雅虎出售核心资产,意味首席执行官(CEO)玛丽萨・迈耶带领雅虎转型的努力失败。   美国《华尔街日报》认为,雅虎出售核心资产,将引起诸多潜在买家竞购的局面。   《华尔街日报》报道,雅虎门户、邮箱等其他网站每月点击量大约10亿次,对新闻集团等传媒巨头和韦里孙通信公司等电信巨头构成吸引力。即使私募机构德州太平洋集团也表达了对收购全部或部分雅虎资产的兴趣。   评估雅虎资产价值几何并非易事。投资者眼中,雅虎的270亿美元市值主要归功于其所持阿里巴巴和雅虎日本公司股权。   Pivotal研究公司分析师布赖恩・威泽说,若剔除亚洲资产及现金,雅虎核心业务市值大约34亿美元。   雅虎股东、投资机构斯塔博德价值基金公司尚未回应雅虎最新变动。   包括斯塔博德价值基金在内的股东认为,梅耶及其团队未能带领雅虎重新转型。尽管雅虎在过去三年半花费巨资收购一系列公司、改变企业标识并聘请传媒业顶尖人才,但雅虎核心的因特网广告业务始终不敌谷歌和脸书。   雅虎另一股东SpringOwl资产管理公司对梅耶颇为不满,“她现在说要锐化雅虎焦点。她三年半之前为什么不那样做?”梅耶2日说,重组将帮助雅虎聚焦搜索、通讯和数字内容。   卜晓明(新华社专特稿)相关的主题文章:

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