Phoebe Philo or will leave Cé line leads: media reports, Cé line’s current creative director Phoebe Philo or will leave, the main reason is because tired of rushing to work in Paris and want to spend more time on the family with the british. About the whereabouts, it is said that Phoebe Philo will join Azzedine Ala? A. God will leave Cé Philo or Phoebe line; it is the fashion circle to shake ah, yesterday also said that affects the turnover and coaching women’s circles to wind menswear design field, leading to Berluti Sartori, design director Alessandro Brioni design director Brendan Mullane, and Ermenegildo Zegna news Couture’s creative director Stefano Pilati left. Today, media reports suggest that Cé, line’s creative director, Phoebe Philo, will leave office. It is learnt that Phoebe Philo will leave Cé after Cé line 2016 autumn and winter series release; line creative director position, mainly due to tired of rushing around Paris work, and want to spend more time with the British family on the get along. If the resignation is true, then some commentators think Dior is a good choice, but according to hear Phoebe Philo will join Azzedine Ala? A.

Phoebe Philo或将离开Céline   导语:有媒体报道,Céline的现任创意总监Phoebe Philo或将离职,主要原因是因为疲惫于奔波巴黎工而想要把更多时间分配在与英国的家人相处上。关于去向,据闻Phoebe Philo将会加入Azzedine Ala?a。 天哪Phoebe Philo或将离开Céline   时尚圈这真是准备大换血呀,昨天还在说女装界的离职和换帅风影响到了男装设计领域,导致Berluti设计总监Alessandro Sartori、Brioni设计总监Brendan Mullane,以及Ermenegildo Zegna Couture旗下创意总监Stefano Pilati离职的消息。就在今天,有媒体报道,Céline的创意总监Phoebe Philo或将离职。据悉Phoebe Philo将在Céline 2016秋冬系列发布之后离任Céline创意总监职位,主要原因是疲惫于奔波巴黎工作,而想要把更多时间分配在与英国家人的相处上。如果此番离职是真的,那么有评论人士认为Dior是个不错的选择,不过据闻Phoebe Philo将会加入Azzedine Ala?a。相关的主题文章:

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