The spot’s fenggao product copper high positive Doji hot column capital flows thousands of stocks on thousands of newly diagnosed We want you simulated trading client rating! The first 2016 Chinese Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Fund, insurance, securities and other financial institutions ability to manage information, which is better? Please click on the vote to select the strongest organization in your mind! Original title: spot’s fenggao product actively, copper high Doji Huitong network October 31st hearing – Monday (October 31st), 1612 copper contract rose 0.31% to 38390 yuan per ton. During the European session, LME’s three month copper price dropped slightly from 0.36% to 4828 tons. Figure LME 1612 copper contract time period of three months in Australia in October 28th when the copper copper Rockland figure announced the formal operation, this is the first company built by China Australia copper. The copper company, led by China Steel Equipment Co., Ltd., is responsible for the design and construction. The next 10 years according to the mining plan, is expected to generate $1 billion 930 million Rockland copper ($1 or $0.76) income, net operating cash flow of $631 million. Queensland is Australia’s largest copper ore origin, Rockland copper has annual capacity of 3 million tons of ore. The government of Chile in October 28th released data show that in September the Chilean copper production was 460986 tons, representing a decrease of 2.5%, due to strike and accident work interruptions. Chile is the world’s largest producer of copper, which accounts for about 1/3 of the world’s total copper production. At present, the country is coping with the impact of many old mine ore grade decline, but it should help to boost the country’s copper production. Spot, the current Shanghai spot 1# electrolytic copper price quoted at 38500-38700 tons, up 250 yuan tons, 60-120 tons of water premium. The copper premium narrowed further, holding cargo ship rallies actively, the market supply increases, low stock traders bargain purchase cost-effective good copper, no obvious signs of increase in downstream market, the overall market in general. Technically, the daily chart, 1612 copper contract close out the high cross stars, high-grade upward trend line pressure formation; on the 15 minute chart, prices trend or the end of the five wave, pre neckline 38250 recently or will face challenges. LME copper for three months on the daily charts, K is clouds cover the top 5 forms, even the positive trend or will come to an end; 1 hour chart, local upward trend line support, once the fall short will be dropping 4800 integer mark near. Beijing time 15:26, LME three months copper reported 4826 tons of dollars. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

现货商逢高出货积极 沪铜高位收出十字星 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 We want you!2016首届中国波特菲勒奖评选正式开始!基金、保险、券商等金融机构资管能力孰优孰强?请点击【投票】,选出你心中的最强机构!   原标题:现货商逢高出货积极,沪铜高位收出十字星   汇通网10月31日讯——周一(10月31日),沪铜1612合约终盘收高0.31%到38390元 吨。欧洲时段,LME三个月期铜价格小幅走低0.36%到4828美元 吨附近。   沪铜1612合约分时图   LME三个月期铜分时图   澳大利亚罗克兰铜矿10月28日宣布正式运营,这是首座由中国公司设计建成的澳大利亚铜矿。铜矿由中钢设备有限公司领衔的中国公司负责设计建造。   根据未来10年的开采计划,罗克兰铜矿预期产生19.3亿澳元(1澳元约合0.76美元)收入,运营净现金流达到6.31亿澳元。   昆士兰州是澳大利亚最大的铜矿石产地,罗克兰铜矿拥有300万吨矿石的年处理能力。   智利政府10月28日公布的数据显示,智利9月铜产量为460986吨,较上年同期减少2.5%,因受罢工及事故导致的工作中断影响。   智利是全球最大的铜生产国,该国铜产量约占全球铜总产量的三分之一。目前该国正在应对许多年久矿场矿石品位下滑的影响,不过新矿则有助于提振该国铜产量。   现货方面,今上海现货1#电解铜报价在38500-38700元 吨,涨250元 吨,升水60-120元 吨。现铜升水进一步收窄,持货商逢高出货积极,市场供应货源增加,低库存贸易商逢低采购高性价比好铜,下游入市未有明显增多迹象,整体交投一般。   技术面,日线图上,沪铜1612合约收出高位十字星,高档上行趋势压力线形成;15分钟图上,铜价五浪走势或已终结,前期颈线位38250近期或将面临考验。   LME三个月期铜日线图上,K线呈乌云盖顶形态,5连阳走势或将告一段落;1小时图上,局部上行趋势支撑线形成,一旦失守短期将下探4800整数大关附近。   北京时间15:26,LME三个月期铜报4826美元 吨。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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