Reduction of more than 5% did not disclose the actual control of Zhejiang Zhongcheng tickets – Sohu securities holdings of more than 5% did not disclose the actual control of Zhejiang Zhongcheng tickets / reporter Qi Doug, editor Sun Fang around the actual controller Zhejiang Zhongcheng (and acting) cumulative reduction of more than 5% and fails to perform the obligation of information disclosure investigation handle finally fall boots". Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau issued prior to the date of the administrative punishment decision, the Zhejiang people into the actual controller Chen Dakui given a warning related stock movements, and impose a fine of 300 thousand yuan. The company also announced the matter today. Administrative penalty decision shows that in December 19, 2013, December 25th, the new Xinjiang Scarlett equity investment limited partnership (referred to as the "new public Scarlett") Zhejiang Zhongcheng 3 million 400 thousand shares and 1 million shares were sold by large transactions, the proportion of the total share capital of the company was 1.99% and 0.59% respectively. It is understood that the new public Jia is Zhejiang listed before the establishment of the staff Holding Company, after the change to limited partnership, of which, Chen Dakui shareholding accounted for 46.083%, is the only general partner. According to the relevant rules and regulations, can be identified with the new public Scarlett Quebec Chen for concerted action. In the holdings of large transactions occurred after half month 7 2014 11 day and 14 day and 15 day, the actual control by Chen Dakui’s daughter Chen Zhejiang Zhongcheng securities accounts were sold 16.17 million shares, in order to concentrate on the auction of 55.79 million and 50.94 million shares, representing the company’s total capital ratio respectively 0.04%, 0.13% and 0.12%. In July 22nd of the same year, Chen Dakui’s name securities account to sell its relatives and so on to Zhejiang relatives into 16 million 786 thousand and 200 shares, accounting for 3.80% of the total share capital of the company. After investigation, Chen Dakui in July 22, 2014 reduced the Zhejiang public Cheng, plus its actual control of daughter Chen account and new Jia Jia account, mergers and holdings of shares accounted for more than 5% of the total share capital of the company, but did not timely fulfill the reporting and disclosure obligations. Zhejiang securities regulatory bureau said that Chen Dakui and his concerted action did not fulfill the obligation of disclosure of information in violation of the relevant requirements of the securities act. According to the securities law and relevant administrative regulations, the Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Commission issued a warning to Chen Dakui, and fined 300 thousand yuan. It is worth mentioning that, in December 3, 2015, Chen Dakui submitted a written resignation report to the company, no longer hold any company duties. THE_END

减持逾5%未披露 浙江众成实控人领罚单-搜狐证券   减持逾5%未披露   浙江众成实控人领罚单   ⊙记者 祁豆豆 ○编辑 孙放   围绕浙江众成实际控制人(及其一致行动人)累计减持逾5%而未及时履行信息披露义务的调查处理终于“靴子落地”。浙江证监局日前下发行政处罚决定书,对浙江众成实际控制人陈大魁给予警告 相关公司股票走势 ,并处以30万元罚款。公司也在今日对此事予以公告。   行政处罚决定书显示,2013年12月19日、12月25日,新疆新众嘉股权投资有限合伙企业(简称“新众嘉”)通过大宗交易分别卖出浙江众成340万股和100万股,占公司总股本的比例分别为1.99%和0.59%。而据了解,新众嘉是浙江众成上市前成立的员工持股公司,后变更为有限合伙企业,其中,陈大魁持股占比46.083%,是唯一普通合伙人。据相关规则和规定,可认定陈大魁与新众嘉为一致行动人。而在这笔大宗交易减持发生半年后,2014年7月11日、14日及15日,由陈大魁实际控制的其女儿陈某的证券账户以集中竞价方式分别卖出浙江众成16.17万股、55.79万股和50.94万股,占公司总股本比例分别为0.04%,0.13%和0.12%。同年7月22日,陈大魁名下证券账户以大宗交易方式向其亲戚等卖出浙江众成1678.62万股,占公司总股本比例为3.80%。   经查,陈大魁在2014年7月22日减持浙江众成后,加上其所实际控制的女儿陈某账户以及新众嘉账户,合并减持股份占公司总股本比例已逾5%,但没有及时履行报告和披露义务。   浙江证监局就此表示,陈大魁与其一致行动人未履行信息披露义务的行为违反了《证券法》的相关要求。根据《证券法》及相关行政法规,浙江证监局对陈大魁给予警告,并处以30万元罚款。   值得一提的是,2015年12月3日陈大魁向公司递交了书面辞职报告,不再担任公司任何职务。THE_END相关的主题文章:

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