NBA Spring Festival Gala Magic Knight if the Spurs don’t feast old youth sports Sohu –   we just enjoy the wonderful music, enjoy the exaggeration of the comic performances, finally have some fresh and hot dishes, what show the visual impact of the strongest? It was, of course, the famous "big change living man". We first look at the two big trick, which is related to the two NBA superstar, the name with a "James", in between the two weiminghehe, meritorious coach did not change, change the two young rookie. This season, the two James’s team have sacked their manager, the Western Conference finals coach Mchale was fired in the finals of the European coach Blatter was fired, reflect, called temporary shuangbi. James harden and Lebron James two with system team leaders are not so need a coach, coach sitting position seems to be whoever you want, because the two James is head with board characters, do not need scholars strategizing on the sidelines so empty talk, the 2014 playoffs against Portland grab seven war, James harden Mchale’s defense without changing the layout, and in the eastern part of the Lebron – James is a tactical board directly to wipe Blatter re arrangement, of course, the results are not the same, a success of James lore opponents, James was also an opponent for 0.9 seconds lore. So after the Rockets started badly, Mchale, the best coach in the history of the Rockets, was walking around. For BIKE Staff and young people; after the Cavs mad lose warriors 34 European coach, won numerous honors he was almost ruined, Knight management changed out, and James met 10 years of tyronn lue. The next magic is It is quite common for Sanantonio spurs, that is "rejuvenescent", now Duncan is 40 years old, Manu is 39 years old, Parke is also the youngest 35 years old, you can clearly see the white horse head, Duncan beard, Parke Nuguang bright face knife general taitouwen. However, their performance can not old, Parke has just recently dropped 30 points, a group of young people like a wooden stake, while Manu was against the Lakers in 10 for 9 in 19 minutes, scored 20 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists, 5 steals and 2 blocks, 10 throw in 9. They said he was 20 minutes Jordan, and this will play 20 minutes, Jordan’s level to show you, these 19 minutes of wonderful data, Jordan did not do, people look dumbfounded, breathtaking. The most amazing is Tim – Duncan, he at the end of the 40 year old career, played the League second defense efficiency and the best defensive efficiency, it is to snatch teammate Leonard’s best defensive player. (Hirahara Masako) NBA春晚魔术表演盛宴 骑士变活人马刺不老青春-搜狐体育     刚刚我们欣赏了美妙的乐器演奏,享受了舌灿莲花的相声表演,终于得上些新鲜热辣的大菜了,什么节目的视觉冲击力最强呢?那当然是著名的“大变活人”了。   我们首先来看俩大戏法,这关系到两位联盟超级巨星,名字里都带着一个“詹姆斯”,弹指间就把两位威名赫赫,功勋卓著的主教练变没了,换上了两位年轻菜鸟。本赛季两位詹姆斯所在的球队都开除了自己的主教练,打进西部决赛的主教练麦克海尔被炒鱿鱼,打进总决赛的欧洲名帅布拉特被炒鱿鱼,东西辉映,堪称一时双璧。   詹姆斯-哈登和勒布朗-詹姆斯两位自带体系的球队领袖都不是那么需要教练,主教练位置上似乎坐着谁都行,因为两位詹姆斯都是脑子里自带战术板的人物,根本不需要书生们在场边运筹帷幄纸上谈兵,所以,2014年季后赛对阵开拓者的抢七大战,詹姆斯-哈登擅自改变麦克海尔的防守布局,而在东部的勒布朗-詹姆斯更是直接擦掉布拉特的战术板重新布置,当然,结果不大相同,一个詹姆斯成功绝杀对手,另外一个詹姆斯却被对手0.9秒绝杀。所以火箭开局不利之后,火箭史上战绩最好的主教练麦克海尔就卷铺盖走路了。换上了和年轻人比克斯塔夫;而骑士狂输勇士34分之后,欧洲名帅,拿过无数荣誉的布拉特差点身败名裂,也被骑士管理层扫地出门,换上了和詹姆斯相识十多年的泰伦-卢。   接下来的魔法就有点司空见惯,那就是圣安东尼奥马刺队的“返老还童”,现在的邓肯已经40岁了,马努39岁了,最年轻的帕克也35岁了,你可以清楚地看到马努光亮的后脑勺、邓肯花白的胡子、帕克脸色刀刻一般的抬头纹。然而他们场上的表现可不老,帕克前不久刚刚轰下了30分,过一帮年轻人犹如过木桩子,而马努在对阵湖人的比赛中10投9中,19分钟砍下20分4篮板4助攻5抢断2盖帽,10投9中。都说他是20分钟乔丹,结果这便打出了20分钟乔丹的水平给你看,这19分钟打出的奇葩数据,乔丹也没有做到过,叫人看得瞠目结舌,叹为观止。   最神奇的就是蒂姆-邓肯了,他在40岁的职业生涯末年,打出了联盟第二的防守效率和最好的内线防守效率,简直是要抢夺队友伦纳德的最佳防守球员了。   (平原公子)相关的主题文章:

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