Beijing Chaoyang District community recycling cabinet – Beijing channel — original title: community setting of renewable resources recovery cabinet newspaper news (reporter Zuo Ying) from today, Chaoyang District Anwar community residents only need to waste packaging affixed with a QR code in the new cabinet of renewable resources recovery, can accumulate "green account" integral, and with integral exchange supplies, phone cards etc.. Beijing Environmental Sanitation Group stakeholders said that within 1000 years will be completed in the establishment of renewable resources recycling counters target. The Beijing environmental sanitation group in five communities of Anwari set up a total of 35 renewable resource recycling cabinet, Recyclable paper, plastic, metal, textile, electronics, electrical appliances and other items. "We will issue a" blue Beijing "eco card and two-dimensional code number for each household, residents through ecological card and mobile phone binding, integral account, sanitation group staff told reporters, when residents have to waste treatment, can give to items posted a good package of two-dimensional code, and then put on in the case of renewable resources recovery. A full time collector will open at least two items a day, and for the two-dimensional code corresponding to the residents of the ecological card score. In Anwar neighborhood community hospital, morning there are a lot of people to do card. "Previously wanted to sell waste, but also to see people in the absence of, there is no time to collect, now with this machine is too convenient."." Juran resident on the spot not only for his home for the ecological card, but also for neighbors also applied for 5. Anzhen Street office director Dong Jian said that in the Anwar community after the pilot, if good results next year will gradually promote in Anzhen areas. J170 (commissioning editor Yin Xingyun and Gao Xing)

北京朝阳区:社区设置再生资源回收柜–北京频道–人民网 原标题:社区设置再生资源回收柜   本报讯(记者左颖)从今天开始,朝阳区安华里社区的居民只需要将废品打包贴上二维码,扔进新型的再生资源回收柜,即可积累“绿色账户”积分,并凭积分兑换生活用品、电话卡等。北京环卫集团相关人士表示,年内将完成在1000个小区内设立再生资源回收柜的目标。   此次北京环卫集团在安华里的五个社区共设置了35个再生资源回收柜,可回收纸类、塑料、金属、织物、电子、电器等物品。“我们会为每户居民发放一个‘北京蓝’生态卡和二维码号码,居民可以通过将生态卡与手机绑定,建立积分账户”,环卫集团工作人员告诉记者,当居民有废品要处理,可以给要处理的物品打包贴好二维码,然后投放进再生资源回收柜。专职回收员一天会至少打开两次收取物品,并为二维码所对应的居民生态卡积分。   在安华里社区居委会院内,上午有不少居民来办卡。“以前想卖点废品还要看人家在不在,有没有时间收,现在有了这个机器就太方便了。”小区居民朱兰叶当场不仅为自己家办理了生态卡,还为邻居也申请了5张。安贞街道办事处主任董健表示,在安华里社区试点后,如果效果不错明年将在安贞地区进行逐步推广。J170 (责编:尹星云、高星)相关的主题文章:

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