Fujian more than the young woman being sprayed "Blackwater" start tall men in recent days, Fuzhou, Cangshan, Jinan occurred several young woman was painted with black unknown liquid events, most of the victims did not report. On the 20 day, the young woman Zheng Zheng was sent to the elephant garden police station after being sprayed with unknown liquid at the intersection of Changle road. The day before yesterday, the young woman Zheng Xiang reporter reflects, 20 evening, she passed the Chinese goods road Changle intersection, was a man brushed by black unknown liquid, legs, shorts, backpacks are contaminated by liquid. It is understood that the incident that night around 8:30, "he is about 1.8 meters tall, very strong, wearing a T-shirt, when he rubbed me, I did not care."". A few minutes later, Xiao Zheng found multiple body was painted with black unknown liquid, she immediately react, just under the hand of man. Xiao Zheng wanted to admit bad luck, but encouraged by relatives and friends, she reflected the situation to reporters, and went to the elephant garden police station for the record. Police surveillance video surveillance, to investigate this. Reporter survey found that in recent days in Cangshan, Jinan occurred several similar incidents. The afternoon of October 15th nearly 3, netizen Wang Xiao Ming "was sprayed in the vicinity of an unknown liquid city of Jinan District, there is a strong smell of oil liquid. 16 evening 9 o’clock, friends, she is a lazy girl "after Cangshan district near the Fujian police academy, the back skirt hem is painted with black unknown liquid, she found walking in front of the girls’ clothes are a black spray. In October 18th, the netizen "Hu Yaya Oh" in Cangshan Wanda was painted with black unknown liquid. Reporters learned from the police, according to the relevant provisions of the public security management punishment law, the police may be involved in a man under five days of detention or less than 500 yuan fine; the circumstances are serious, more than five days of detention below ten days, and may impose a fine of 500 yuan or less. If it is in retaliation for the purpose of intentionally damage the victim’s underwear, bags and other items, this behavior is suspected of intentional damage to public or private property, at the following five days more than ten days in detention, and impose a fine of 500 yuan; if the circumstances are serious, more than ten days to fifteen days detention, and fined 1000 yuan. If the circumstances are particularly serious, the value of the damaged articles over 5000 yuan will be investigated for criminal responsibility. (reporter Liu Chen Jian)

福建多名妙龄女被喷“黑水” 下手的是高大壮汉   近几日,福州仓山、晋安发生数起妙龄女子被喷黑色不明液体的事件,多数受害人没有报案。20日,女青年小郑在国货路长乐路口被喷不明液体后到象园派出所备案。   前日,女青年小郑向记者反映,20日晚她经过国货路长乐路口时,被一名擦肩而过的男子喷了黑色不明液体,腿部、短裤、背包都被液体污染。据了解,事发当晚8时30分左右,“他身高1.8米左右、很壮,穿着花T恤,当时他蹭了我一下,我没在意”。   几分钟后,小郑发现身上多处被喷黑色不明液体,她马上反应过来,是刚才壮汉下的手。开始小郑想自认倒霉,可在亲友的鼓励下,她向记者反映情况,同时到象园派出所备案。民警查看路口监控录像,对此进行调查。   记者调查发现,近几日仓山、晋安发生数起类似事件。10月15日下午近3时,网友“王家小明”在晋安区大名城附近被喷不明液体,液体有浓重的机油味。16日晚9时许,网友“她是个懒姑娘”经过仓山区福建警察学院附近时,背面裙子下摆处被喷黑色不明液体,她发现走在前面的女生衣服上也被喷了一道黑。10月18日,网友“胡吖吖哦”在仓山万达被喷黑色不明液体。   记者从警方了解到,根据治安管理处罚法相关规定,警方对涉事男子可处五日以下拘留或者500元以下罚款;情节较重的,处五日以上十日以下拘留,可以并处500元以下罚款。如果是以报复为目的,故意损坏受害人的衣裤、提包等物品,此行为涉嫌故意损毁公私财物,可处五日以上十日以下拘留,并处500元以下罚款;情节较重的,处十日以上十五日以下拘留,可以并处1000元以下罚款。情节特别严重,损毁物品价值超过5000元还将追究刑事责任。   (记者 刘� 陈坚)相关的主题文章:

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