4 things on the woman’s body are more dirty than the toilet and look at themselves in the mirror! The body is clean, but the body is more dirty than the toilet. What exactly is it? There are some things on the woman’s full of bacteria 1 bags we all day with a cute bag around, in fact, is one of the largest source of bacteria. First, the bag is placed on a variety of occasions on the sofa, chairs, tables, and its external surface is most likely to be a variety of dirt and bacteria". The internal bag would be spared, often we threw the bag of items pollution, keys, mobile phone and wallet, often out of paper towels these things itself with a lot of bacteria and dirt; just bought food, books and other things, it is possible to have dirt outside into the bag. For a long time, the bag has become a terrible king need cleaning up shelter evil people and countenance evil practices. Solution: monthly cleaning commonly used bag. If the skin is bread, can wipe the leather with special cleaning agent, then the material turned out, with a toothbrush to brush clean inside, use cotton dipped into detergent wipe, then can be dried. If you can put a cloth, bag inside to the outside, and then directly thrown into the washing machine. 2 cosmetic puff and makeup brush carry look dark yellow puff, some people never washed, until the powder was finished makeup brush is discarded, day in and day out repeated use, especially in the outside makeup, usually face and hands are not clean, the makeup is equal to the bacteria shelter evil people and countenance evil practices to wipe his face. Solution: regular makeup bag, but also to clear those who have expired and has run out of cosmetics. 3 mobile phone mobile phone can be said to be our most intimate and digital products, whether by car, go to work, eat, shopping, we always put the mobile phone in the hand hold, therefore, the number of bacteria on the mobile phone is very impressive, although you cannot see it or feel it, but you must not ignore it, because it is far too close to us. Solution: clean water every week. On the phone’s cleaning, the most recommended or paper towels, cotton cloth or glasses dipped in a small amount of water wipe. Up to no more than 75% alcohol rub, and mobile phone screen can not use alcohol. 4 health cotton germ bomb tampons and pads are women without the most personal activities, regular replacement of private parts but will get emotional, will lead to serious gynecological problems, best every 2 to 4 hours to replace one, while avoiding the sanitary napkin on the damp and unventilated bathroom, don’t multiply mold, and open the packaging of non sterile condition, in order to better hurry out, don’t be cheap, a store too many goods. Solution: you can give yourself an alarm clock to remind the replacement of sanitary napkins, must be sure to wash your hands before each replacement, do not use unclean hand contact with sanitary napkins and underwear. Prepare a sealed packet of sanitary napkins.相关的主题文章:

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