After a lapse of four years to return to the big screen Hu Xiaoting "new life" – Hu Xiaoting "entertainment Sohu will be released a new life" debut single mother     Sohu entertainment news by director Wen Deguang, Zhu Yuchen, Zhao Liang, Ding Liuyuan, Hu Xiaoting starred in the movie "a living law" released today. The film is the actor Hu Xiaoting following the "eyewitness", after a lapse of four years and a screen. Her first performance single mother in the film role, and by shaping the character Neixiu, independent strong single mother Xiu Xiu, the interpretation of ordinary women’s great. Hu Xiaoting "new life" debut single mother Zhao Liang pursuits in Mianyang city "blue glow" outstanding cadres Zhang Yong was the hero of the prototype of the main theme of the film "new life" today national release. In the film, Hu Xiaoting plays the single mother Xiu Xiu, and Zhu Yuchen’s "Zeng Yong" and Zhao Liang’s "Zhang Guanggui" has a lot of scenes. Comedian Zhao Liang also said in an interview that Hu Xiaoting’s playful, Xiu Xiu is the object of his pursuit in the film, "whether we can catch up, do not say to you, the movie will know". It is reported that the film is also the first interpretation of Hu Xiaoting single mother’s work. Whether it is the education of the children, or in the future life pursuit and longing for a single mom, are not easy, "Hu Xiaoting said emotionally," the hardships of a single mother, I hope that through their own role in the film show has portrayed". After a lapse of four years to return to the big screen in the ordinary interpretation of Hu Xiaoting "extraordinary" following the film "precious secrets", "witness", "new life" is actor Hu Xiaoting after a lapse of four years the third screen works. In the movie "valuable secret", Hu Xiaoting played the role of a loyal love but not vulgar Yao woman "color and", from eighteen nine years old in more than and 40 years old; "witness", she is played in a small restaurant in the bottom of society, for their "little sister" in a corner. This time in the movie "new life", Hu Xiaoting’s character, diamond firm and gentle rural single mother "xiu". "Show" is a single mother, but she is sensible and strong, introverted, take practical action to support the re construction of Zeng Yong home, in the village is very popular with all respect; and as a single mother, she and Zhao Liang plays Zhang Guanggui’s feeling of the line, also become the concern and thinking of another aspect. After a lapse of four years as a screen for actor Hu Xiaoting on "show" through their own understanding and interpretation of the heart angle, not only created a single mother full of true to the audience, to the interpretation of the ordinary women’s "extraordinary" spirit.相关的主题文章:

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