The surrounding – written in Li Keqiang’s visit to China Unicom Asia Europe Shikoku occasion – Sohu news Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 30 October, the surrounding feature: China Unicom Asia — written in the premier Li Keqiang visited four countries in Asia and Europe on the occasion of the Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Binian Tian Dongdong is in the late autumn season, the State Council Premier Li Keqiang set foot on the deep surrounding, China Unicom Asia tour. In this harvest season, China has also ushered in a major diplomatic action. November 2nd to 9, Li Keqiang will visit Kyrgyzstan and attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) heads of government members (Prime Minister) the fifteenth meeting of the Council, Kazakhstan prime minister to visit Kazakhstan and attend the third regular meeting, visit Latvia and attend the fifth Chinese Middle East European leaders meeting and visit to Russia and attend the twenty-first prime ministers of China and Russia regular meeting. The eight day four five station, Li Keqiang’s trip time is short, tight schedule, multiple transitions. Analysts believe that this visit is of great significance to guide the SCO and Chinese Middle East European leaders meeting mechanism in-depth development, promote the construction of "The Belt and Road" cooperation, and international capacity to protect our national security and interests. In a regular meeting as an opportunity to enhance the strategic mutual trust with the visit to the region and the four countries on the agenda of the visit has a common character, that is, a regular meeting mechanism. In addition to the regular meeting of the SCO heads of government (Prime Minister) Council meeting and China – Central and Eastern European leaders, Li Keqiang will also work with Kazakhstan and the Russian prime minister held regular meetings between the two prime ministers. Analysts believe that the crucial mechanism in Chinese overall diplomatic strategy layout to meet regularly to ensure foreign policy strategy, plan, plan and implement it rules, not only help to promote and to visit the country and regional strategic mutual trust, plays an irreplaceable role in the development and implementation of bilateral and multilateral cooperation. From a bilateral perspective, China has now established a prime ministerial meeting mechanism with Russia, Germany, Poland, Australia, Kazakhstan and other countries. China Academy of Social Sciences Research Center of the SCO Secretary General Sun Zhuangzhi said, focusing on the prime minister to talk about specific areas of cooperation, especially in the implementation of bilateral cooperation projects. This mechanism is generally met once a year and is particularly important for bilateral economic and trade cooperation, because the regular dialogue between the top level can solve the problem of economic and trade cooperation in a timely manner, will not affect the next step of cooperation. And this regular meeting mechanism will also provide a platform for other government departments to carry out cooperation, including a lot of related cooperation, especially in the field of economic and cultural cooperation. Sun Zhuangzhi on the regular meeting of the journey of Li Keqiang full of expectations. In his view, the four countries visited the external economic environment is relatively grim, structural adjustment has also entered the deep water area, China and the cooperation of these countries has the model, pioneering and pioneering features. In addition, these countries are "important countries The Belt and Road along, their cooperation can better support The Belt and Road construction, create favorable conditions for the smooth progress of the Belt and Road Initiative". By.相关的主题文章:

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