Guiyang time-honored shop with wild mushroom Wushu, let you fill in winter not long fat – Sohu and yesterday was the beginning of winter, although the temperature on the theory of Guiyang has failed several times in the winter, but the body feeling temperature early at beautiful freezing weather, this is not joking, since the 11.7 vertical temperature and winter the weather really want people with dogs, especially Wednesday the most direct high temperature of 4 degrees even, still appalling rain! I see it immediately climbed up from the blanket to Aifei who drafted the stick fat winter fill law to fill the first recruit master bacteria in winter to warm the choice must be a ghost is cute, not the reincarnation of the Hot pot! However, it should not be added to dry weight, the most important thing to eat! In order to meet the 4 requirements of the wild I finally find a dozen wild fungus Hot pot, mushroom soup, wild mushroom stewed chicken mushroom, mushroom soup cheese bone soup, this lineup is absolutely king and queen level feast! And eat fruit is full of nutrient rich plants, absolutely not fat! Second master recruit bacteria bacteria Dictyophora Dictyophora master is not surprising, we grew up to everyone in the chicken braised ribs are often eat, but eat to do Dictyophora, first saw the appearance of fresh bamboo shoots accidentally frightened, don’t ask me why, I can only friendship remind intensive fear the chowhound who do not look carefully, directly thrown into the pot to enjoy the kind of suck the juice, crisp taste! The master called Shangri-La Boletus sp. Boletus wizard, because meat is quite like cattle liver hypertrophy and named as Boletus, and eat a little personal feeling of Maotai flavor, and often eat can enhance immunity! It can eat those mushrooms and mushroom can be eaten are not the same, so if the point that Boletus must remember cooked for more than 15 minutes! Master of oudemansiellaradicata oudemansiellaradicata bacteria meat tender, er handle crisp and delicious, eat crunchy people will point it, but the price is very cheap, delicious and affordable, it is synonymous with high quality and inexpensive! The master has a nameko mushroom, mushroom fungus Termitomyces albuminosus rare wild fungus on the table, but also can not cover up to the taste of my paper, in smooth, fresh and tender, crisp in a body! If you are like me, love mushroom then you will definitely love this kind of! Matsutake fungus is called "master the king of bacteria" wild mushroom is very valuable, although the highest price in bacteria master menu, but the single rate is not low, nutrition and excellent taste very rich after eating so many people are hard to forget, and good mushroom can be eaten raw, James the shop of the cranberry sauce tastes super happy! Cordyceps fungus Cordyceps flower master should not unfamiliar, often appear in all kinds of soup, it is not cold not dry, for most people are safe to eat, Cordyceps contains protein, amino acids, rich in trace elements, the vitamin content is higher than the mushrooms! Very high nutritional components of Hericium master of Hericium erinaceus, it contains as many as 17 kinds of amino acids, is worthy of the name of the high protein and low fat food, can make the body some Hericium相关的主题文章:

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