Who will decide the real estate price? Shanghai — the real Luojiwen Zhang is the most expensive land price decision cost, you are not wrong, these six words with our usual intuition to the contrary, this paper clarify the logic. Mr. Li Junhui recently "from Chinese land is private speaks of" a text is about hlpr text: "we can further understand why the small property right construction of rural homestead is not simply to give legal status. Small property right now really worth a lot of money are on the outskirts of the city of rural land, they have not been "sold" process, not to pay the premium (so it is so cheap, because the house price, does not contain) there is no infrastructure for the city’s paid service fee. Small property room in the end should not be legitimate, not the focus of this paper. This article focuses on solving a problem, the small property room price is low, in the end is not because there is no premium, the price does not include land prices caused by. The answer is obviously not. Lee, "because there is no payment of land, so the small property on the cheap," the interpretation of the hidden cost of the price of the meaning and logic. In fact, the error is shallow, because the small property room price is low, in fact, because people based on the future of small property right room is not expected to make a judgment, but not related to costs. This is the price and cost nothing, "" in economics, destroyed three concept of knowledge one point, I try to analyze from three aspects. 1, the first level, if the cost determines the price of them, as a seller, in order to sell a higher price, it should increase the cost is hard. If it is because there is no payment of land prices, resulting in a small property in the low price, so in order to make the small property sell a higher price, the small property should try to increase the cost of small property is not price, I can think of a way to increase the cost of other places then, I can also claim the cost is very high, so to sell at high prices. The real world is clearly not the case, the real world of businesses are trying to reduce costs, rather than the opposite. Find ways to reduce the cost of the reason is that he can control only the cost, the price is not in the control of the business. Reasoning to the extreme, I picked up a very precious diamond on the road, the cost is almost zero, do you guess I will get diamond because of its low cost and reduce its price? Even if the price of a piece of land in downtown Beijing to zero, make the people of Beijing, you guess built on the land of real estate prices will fall? This raises the question of the second levels we need to explain. 2, the price is how to determine the usual economics textbook on price interpretation, from Marshall’s "scissors theory", that is, the price is determined by the intersection of the supply curve and demand curve. This explanation seems to make sense, but it is just the economist’s highly abstract interpretation of the world, and the price in the real world has never been a decision to look at. The truth of the matter is that the decisions of millions of suppliers and suppliers on the market.相关的主题文章:

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