The 8 section is looking forward to the game player stillborn masterpiece: Unfortunately [Sina Game exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint] may be a lot of studio will have failed to complete the work. We may never have heard of these games, but some have done so much. A long-awaited game eventually aborted, we can only regret. Below we will inventory under the 8 die of large. 1, "Fable: The Legend (Fable Legends)" PC Xbox One "Fable: Legend" game "Fable: the legend" was recently announced the cancellation of the Microsoft. The game had been published in 2012, after repeated after bouncing finally completely canceled, so the results won’t seem so surprising. "Legend" draws on the "evolution" of the multi player mode, a person to play the bad guys and several other people to destroy him. The main reason for the cancellation or the head of the studio to leave the core of the studio, it is difficult to maintain the glory of 2012, and eventually led to the cancellation of new works, studio closed. 2, LMNO – PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 "LMNO" game screen Steven, Spielberg has also been a game! And once formed a partnership with EA, but his only work is the 2008 decryption game Boom Blox. In Arkane Studios "LMNO", we once had the opportunity to see the film game brought by the great director. "LMNO" is a combination of role-playing, parkour escape first person adventure story, plus the name of Spielberg, must be anticipated. But in the end EA in 2010 announced the cancellation of the LMNO, because it is too difficult to achieve ambitious technology, EA production group DEMO is not satisfied. And then we’re out of the game with Spielberg. 3, "predator (Prey 2)" – PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 "predator," the game screen, "predator," the story of the game is sorry for the people of the 2. It was supposed to be an excellent human war Alien Shooter game. But in 2011, the progress of the production group Human Head began to stagnate. B agency has reported that after the E3 show will give Human Head an additional year of development time, but taking into account the technical issues of the production team, B began to reduce capital investment. In the face of "2" rumors predators were canceled, B agency has out of the rumor said the game is still in development, but also did not meet the requirements. Then the project was canceled in the Human Head and Obsidian schedule, until 2014, the official announcement of the B club, the Predator 2 completely canceled. Insiders at Human Head have said that the reason for the "Predator 2" is political rather than technical. It’s a big mistake for the player. .相关的主题文章:

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