"The second time" maternal age a new era — Interpretation of fashion hot mom boutique sinks – Sohu with 80 maternal 90 after entering the marriage boom and the national two-child policy open, let the domestic original hot maternal market competition is more intense, but also to the current domestic maternal market has brought more opportunities. According to the latest census statistics show that China’s existing more than 75 million 0~3 year old infant population, the rapid increase in the population of infants and young children, for the development of China’s maternal and child industry to provide sufficient power. Photograph: enfodesk "second economics" and "female economics" a huge bonus gap to the maternal and child market growth at the same time, also brought trouble: the industry competition will be more intense, with fine parenting has gradually become the trend of the new generation of Changle, more in the pursuit of personalized products and services. So to break the shackles of homogenization, innovative enterprises can more advantage in the competition and adventure in opportunity. But the current domestic maternal and child market personalized products and services are still deficient, such as toys, for example, we can easily find, insert blocks and other common toys, but such traditional things are difficult to meet the 80 90 young parents personalized parenting needs and expectations. With the maternal and child market and intensive and meticulous farming and consumption capacity of the upgrade, new generation of parents for maternal and child products and service requirements are also gradually improve. For example, a 6 month olds, parents expect the toy is to grasp and its ability to match, but also the puzzle, and safety and health, maternal and child services is to expect more diversity and creativity, and the existing domestic market for products and services supply is slightly lackluster, it is difficult to meet the young a generation of parents’ appetite, this demand is particularly common in the rapid rise of the two or three line of the city. Fashion hot mom boutique sinks. Perfect NanJing Railway Station — fashion and traditional combination of "bazaar" magazine, chinatex advertising and Exhibition Co., CO produced the balsam pear marketing fashion hot mom boutique exchange will be held in October this year, with a strong landing in Nanjing, so far in 2471 the historic city and the traditional interpretation of a fashion the perfect collision. The profound traditional culture of the ancient capital of Nanjing, the Yangtze River Delta region as the only large city in Nanjing city in 2015, the GDP value of nearly 1 trillion yuan, ranking eleventh in the country, is one of the valuable and influential economies, exchange opened the window of the South market as a fashion hot mom boutique, lay a solid economic foundation and reliable. Walk in the cutting-edge fashion fashion hot mom boutique sinks, and strive to attract attention and recognition from the mother group culture and participation, build services in maternal and infant industry one-stop shopping platform, in order to solve the new generation of personalized education for Parents Parenting solutions and beauty skin care and other aspects of demand as the focus, and strive to be the link between professional the audience and the enterprise. Freaky show with a strong professional and forward-looking, on the southeast market, focuses on promoting market innovation, accelerate the construction of the southeast of maternal maternal regional brand, the implementation of economic development in the service of the real essence of hot mom, through the line.相关的主题文章:

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