Marriage psychological: you love as a demon because of 5 obsessive-compulsive disorder (Figure) you love as a demon because of 5 OCD from one day to a call to day three or four, and then to think when call must call to him; from the habit of white lies to find excuses…… Some small habits was harmless, but some people are likely to gradually upgrade, finally evolved into a "emotional disorder"! Small habits to upgrade obsessive-compulsive disorder to know love obsessive-compulsive disorder can not help you love, the most common reason for breaking up, too many tubes, sticky too tight, but among the best. So come on, check, do you have the following potential obsessive-compulsive disorder? 1, check once a day, care about the whereabouts of the other party may upgrade symptoms: check the phone or text messages every day more than a single digit. "What are you doing right now?" "What time will you be back today?"…… It’s like watching each other, but if you don’t get all the way, you’ll feel uncomfortable. No matter where you are, 24 hours a day, one day a year, as long as you want, will immediately take the initiative to contact each other (even if the other party may be in a meeting or sleep) 365. Even simply to the other side to buy a special phone you contact each day in a fixed time phone, sms. Some people even if the hand, will continue to play the kind of silent phone, or send blank messages, etc.. 2, lovers did not immediately reply, faint heart burning may upgrade symptoms: call to pick up his life. If not what event, regardless of the final call not call to, regardless of whether there are other legitimate reasons, will be furious, questioned. In 3, the lover received any phone call, will seem to ask: who call? There will be further questions may be asked to upgrade symptoms: slowly developed into the other side of the mailbox will be a peek at his cell phone call records, inbox or outbox. Once found to be specific call or SMS, possibly for others themselves back to the past, and questioned the relationship and so on. If the other person is very close to others (whether homosexual or heterosexual), you will feel dissatisfied, lost. Although there is no evidence, there is always a doubt that the other party has third, and firmly believe that their so-called "sense of the sixth", and even have to track each other’s behavior. 4, requirements – have seen each other’s friends, colleagues may upgrade symptoms: according to their impression of those people, and gradually developed into the interference of each other friends. For example, restrict each other and you do not like someone to continue. 5, love to write a blog, send photos with mobile phone, the sun of happiness, more frequent updates, and links to all the relatives and friends of common concern, sharing may upgrade symptoms: this development will become the "reporting addiction": "now I get up", "the weather is good today, I sit now on the subway"…… Their actions unavoidably in a text message to report to listen to each other, even if they do not reply or bored. After the break, it will take revenge each other all private photos show. At site 6, such as divination horoscope every day off.相关的主题文章:

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