Why Russia resolutely refused to participate in 99A contest: the Russian super power tank all the equipment into the tank design the "realm of freedom" first, we start from the China Ordnance Group exhibits. The Zhuhai airshow, they and the like, in hall 8 shows a large number of ground weapons, missiles, munitions, and light weapons. The 2014 show on AR-3 rocket Ordnance Group may be the biggest bright spot — Britain exhibits a "Jane’s Defence Weekly" in the introduction video editing with the "absurd" (Ridiculous) such adjectives to describe him for this stuff is not actually the ballistic missile "surprise. This year, placed in the rear of the VT-4 tank 1200 horsepower (similar to the domestic engine can reach 1300-1500 horsepower) power package is a greater bright spot. Domestic VT-4 MBT power pack review in 90s the last century, China was the main tank or type 59, then gradually began to equip 96 type, and 9910 engineering tanks until 99 years National Day parade debut. We now know that this project is the first batch of 9910 tanks in the vehicle, the actual reliability is some problems. In contrast, foreign tanks Ordnance Group with 90II, MBT-2000 has better performance of this model. However, their power system is not made in China, the most serious bottleneck encountered by our own tanks, it is precisely in the power. Because the "tank" this equipment, the most essential feature is not armor protection, nor is it a fire system, it must first be a car, able to maneuver. Therefore, with a good action system, the system can be designed around the excellent protection system and fire system, to achieve the tank’s three performance". In recent years, the Russian tanks in the two race, China’s 96 tanks strong. But what really shocked the Russian soldiers, or in 2015 the Sino Russian joint 2015 exercises gallop across the 99A tank. The tank’s power is far more than all the existing Russian tanks, so Russia firmly refused to participate in the tank two 99A contest. The tank power pack shows this year VT-4, the engine row layout, and there are great differences between some beyond all expectations, the engine of 99A tandem layout. In fact, under modern conditions, and the effects of row tandem engine body length has little, because count all kinds of accessories, in fact whether or row column, in fact the size difference is not great. But the change of the transverse or longitudinal, we can find that Chinese in the development field of tank power system, has entered the "realm of freedom", want to have to row row, column on the column; want to use hydraulic transmission with hydraulic drive, want to use mechanical transmission with mechanical transmission; you want to use the torsion bar suspension with torsion bar suspension, want to use liquid gas suspension with liquid gas suspension…… Even the full electric drive, gas turbine power is not a distant dream. After the power system into the "realm of freedom", the entire tank design also can enter the "realm of freedom", so we don’t have to and Russia developed Amata tanks, brains)相关的主题文章:

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