Insight: frustrated Chevrolet to all joint venture enterprises are a reminder of the evening of October 29th, all the United still could not get a long victory for the fans, has 138 years of history, the big disappointment shows between the lines on the other side of the ocean, the same is a hundred years brand, Chevrolet is also encountered the biggest crisis of confidence in China since. 4 years ago, universal money won the next seven years United shirt sponsorship contract, from being pinned together two strong, now being both Similarly afflicted people pity each other. sigh for the reconstruction in Manchester United or entering the second ten years of the Chevrolet brand in China, it have too much to summarize the place. In 2014, Chevrolet achieved sales of 760 thousand vehicles in China, and one among the domestic single brand sales in the first five, but the peak to go faster, by 2015, Chevrolet annual sales of only 636 thousand and 500 cars, down 17%, while the first three quarters of this year, the cumulative sales volume is only 347 thousand and 500 units, down 27%. It can be said that in 2015 for Chevrolet is undoubtedly an important turning point, then in the year before and after what happened, Chevrolet’s situation and to other brands to bring what kind of experience and lessons? In August 2014, has been listed for 5 years Cruz (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) was finally ushered in the new generation models, and Chevrolet for the first time in China by the two generations of the sales strategy, hoping to be monthly sales increased to 30 thousand units range, but do not know the old models too classic or new models is difficult to fayan, from the actual sales, which did not achieve the effect of 2 1+1>. So the market again in July this year, the new Cruze body, SAIC GM quietly weakened the family concept, it is understood that after the classic library is completed, and only one is the market will. But in the other main models (ginseng, Mai Rui Bao pictures, inquiry) body, Chevrolet is still in a last attempt, the change of the medium-term Mai Rui Bao and earlier this year launched a new generation of Mai Rui Bao will work together for the intermediate vehicle market segments, the specific effect remains to be market tested. Reminder: it’s not all car companies can play a lot of generations. If a few years ago foreign brands but also took the lift car and the old models China fool consumers, so now it obviously is no longer useful, in addition to the requirements of the world with the money, is the original introduction, in the information age, less what configuration parameters which shrink consumers, it is easy to search through the internet. In fact, Chevrolet in 2014 launched the "new Cruze" is developed by the Pan Asia and only for Chinese market models, and in July this year when the beauty of authentic version of global models into the Chinese after only two years, this life will be the Cruze shelves quickly, this approach in today’s increasingly sophisticated consumer Chinese eyes a little self minus mean. Warm tip: let Chinese consumers as white (micro-blog) mouse era has passed. In addition to their own reasons, the independent brand in the past two years, the strong rise of many joint venture brands feel.相关的主题文章:

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