Dream lover Jin Yong "Xia Meng" Yang Meng died at the age of 83 – Sohu Jin Yong entertainment dream lover "Xia Meng" beautiful old photos Qingguoqingcheng [Click to view photos] Sohu entertainment news November 3rd, the famous actor Yang Meng died at the age of 83. Yang Meng was born in February 16, 1932, renamed Xia Meng. Jin Yong, the famous movie actor and producer of Hongkong. 50-60 Hongkong’s the Great Wall movie studios chief actress, Xia Meng is recognized as Hongkong beauty actor, Hongkong is also the representative of the left-wing films.   summer Mengyou reputation of "God’s masterpiece"     Xia Meng was born in Shanghai, has a reputation of "God’s masterpiece", Hongkong is recognized beauty. Jin Yong once said: "how beautiful beauty, who has never seen, I think she should be like Xia Mengcai"." Director Han Hsiang Li also said: "Xia Meng is the most beautiful actress in the history of Chinese film, temperament extraordinary, intoxicating." In old Shanghai, strong artistic atmosphere and both are made under the influence of parents, Xia Meng fell in love with drama. Especially in the works of Shakespeare, even, formerly known as Yang Meng, she from Shakespeare’s "A Midsummer Night’s dream" for himself took the stage name "Xia Meng". She is a famous actor and producer in Hongkong in 50s, can play to sing, regardless of fashion, costume, opera film can be competent, can be called a rare Mandarin actor. In the the Great Wall film starred in the first film "marriage ban", the 18 year old Xia Meng played live in the role of the wife, the film won the Hong Kong Chinese box office champion, and renowned Singapore, Thailand and vietnam. Since then, "Nonya", "daydream", "Nie Hai Hua", Xia Meng starred in nearly 40 films, red river, nanyang. But she is in the most brilliant career in a torrent, married businessman Lin Baocheng 21 years old, and to walk more than half a century. Such a life is dignified, no wonder the film critic Ishikawa commented: "she is the embodiment of the traditional literati ideal of women, and is carrying the Valentine’s last century of the Republic of China in 30s and 40s literati countries dream dream." In June 21, 2015, the 82 year old Xia Meng won the film festival, the world’s greatest achievement award, the eighteenth Shanghai film festival. ; Jin Yong and Xia Meng, the dream of a lover, said that the meaning of her own, she would not have to mention that the meaning of love, not to mention that she can not help but not to mention the "", said: " ". The martial arts master dream lover to the Great Wall pictures when a small screenwriter anecdotes, when Chinese literature circle known. There was speculation that the warrior under the pen of Huang Rong, Wang Yuyan, Helen of Troy, the prototype had Xia Meng partly hidden and partly visible shadow. Jin Yong under the alias "Lin Huan" for the summer Mengdu custom script "" look at the title, unequaled in beauty, love has been clear if off. 1957, has been a little known Jin Yong joined the the Great Wall film production company in Hongkong, alias Lin Huan, writing a script for the Great Wall. According to an insider, then said: Jin Yong loved Xia Meng intoxicated, but because it is difficult to see Xia Meng in life, just think of the diverted into the film company, which is close to the dream lover. Jin Yong joked: "when he fell in love with a.相关的主题文章:

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