The discovery of new species, a minimum altitude Pika in October 31st Guangyuan Tangjiahe Nature Reserve, Chengdu Daily reporter from client Tangjiahe Nature Reserve was informed that the local had discovered a new species named "flat cranial pika", the species with a narrow distribution range, the population is small, and no less than Yili pika. It is reported that the flat skull pika, Lagomorpha Ochotonidae, membership, Ochotonidae, different subgenus ochotona. The official District Tangjiahe Natural Reserve, this finding is the vice president of Sichuan Academy of forestry science research team and Liu Shaoying Tangjiahe Nature Reserve researchers cooperation, successively in 2007, 2014 and 2015, at the foot of Motianling Tangjiahe Nature Reserve, an altitude of less than 1500 meters of the valley shrub forest is the collected holotype is by far the lowest altitude distribution of a pika. "We do not know the specific number of pikas in the local, but certainly very little." Liu Shaoying told the Chengdu Daily reporter client, the research team in 2007 for the first time to capture the flat skull pika, after went five or six times, a total of only captured 5. Relevant responsible person said in Tangjiahe Nature Reserve, new species "flat skull pika" before actually in Tangjiahe Nature Reserve exists, but has not been found by human activities, while the current field in mammalian species in the discovery of new species is extremely rare, especially in the Sichuan basin to the transition zone of the Tibetan Plateau, deep canyons and many in the northern area of Minshan Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve, to discover new species can be described as "incredible", in his view, flat cranial pika, further interpretation of the typical characteristics, uniqueness, rarity and species diversity of Tangjiahe Nature reserve. However, the flat skull and living conditions of pika habitat selection and other information is not yet fully understood, further detailed research, the need to increase research investment, better for this rare species to develop a scientific protection scheme. Chengdu Daily reporter Wang Chao map according to the client | recommended reading Tangjiahe Nature Reserve: mouse, rabbit doesn’t know! Sichuan is the original Tangjiahe new species in the new species "invasion" of critically endangered species in Mianyang desert cats xubaoding the world’s longest insect species in Chengdu over 60 cm length of Britain is now a new species of frog green head back red panda is an endangered animal no longer relegated to the Forestry Department of Sichuan Province: a perfectly logical and reasonable

广元唐家河自然保护区发现新物种系海拔最低一种鼠兔   10月31日,成都商报客户端记者从唐家河自然保护区获悉,当地发现了一种名叫“扁颅鼠兔”的新物种,该物种因分布范围狭窄,种群数量稀少,珍稀程度不亚于伊犁鼠兔。   据悉,扁颅鼠兔,隶属兔形目,鼠兔科,鼠兔属,异耳鼠兔亚属。唐家河自然保护区相关人士介绍,这一发现是在四川林科院副院长刘少英研究团队与唐家河自然保护区科研人员合作,相继于2007年、2014年和2015年,在唐家河自然保护区的摩天岭脚下,海拔不足1500米的峡谷地带的灌木林内,被采集到正模标本,是迄今为止分布海拔最低的一种鼠兔。   “目前还不知道这种鼠兔在当地具体有多少只,但肯定很少。”刘少英告诉成都商报客户端记者,研究团队2007年首次捕捉到扁颅鼠兔,之后又先后去了五六次,一共才捕捉到5只。   唐家河自然保护区相关负责人说,新物种“扁颅鼠兔”其实之前在唐家河自然保护区就存在,只是一直没有被人类活动发现,而当下野外能在哺乳动物类群中发现新物种是极为罕见的,尤其是地处四川盆地向青藏高原过渡地带,幽深峡谷众多,处在岷山北部区域的国家级自然保护区唐家河来说,能发现新物种可谓“天下奇闻”,在他看来,扁颅鼠兔的发现,进一步诠释了唐家河自然保护区具有典型性、独特性、稀有性和物种多样性等特点。不过,有关扁颅鼠兔生存状况和生境选择等信息资料目前还不完全知晓,有待进一步详细研究,需要加大研究投入,更好地为这一稀有物种制定出科学保护方案。   成都商报客户端记者|王超   图据唐家河自然保护区   推荐阅读:   老鼠、兔子傻傻分不清楚!原来是四川唐家河现新物种   新物种“入侵” 极危物种荒漠猫现身绵阳雪宝顶   世界最长昆虫新物种现身成都 长度超60厘米   英国现新物种青蛙 全身绿色头背有红斑   大熊猫降级不再是濒危动物 四川省林业厅:合情合理相关的主题文章:

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