Analysis and recommendations on crude oil and natural gas market trends 10.31 late assessment, a single free release! We want you! The first 2016 Chinese Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Fund, insurance, securities and other financial institutions ability to manage information, which is better? Please click on the vote to select the strongest organization in your mind! Original title: analysis of the proposed operation of crude oil and natural gas market trends and 10.31 late assessment, a single free release! People often run in their lives, and running is not the outbreak of the moment, depending on the persistence of the way. A lot of times, success is more than one minute, but we don’t know when this minute will happen. So, before everything is settled, we should not stop. Because we give up not only a business, it is a dream! Every day to give yourself a gift, that is self encouragement, self affirmation, self transcendence! Saturday (October 29th) the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and non OPEC producers failed to agree on a limited production, international oil prices fell further on Monday (October 31st). Like Russia non OPEC members is not with limited production, it will make the final production agreement in Saudi Arabia refused to freeze the increase of pressure, in fact, the recent trend of oil prices already reflect the market no longer believe OPEC cheap "oral production", because crude oil traders on whether OPEC has the capacity to implement the production of doubt that oil prices last week lower. Crude oil technology analysis: review last week’s market, crude oil closed four Yin Yang, oil prices remain weak as a whole. On the daily chart, the 5 day moving average follows the 10, 20 day moving average and returns to the bottom of $50. In the four hour, oil prices have been suppressed by Bollinger, and rebounded after some time. The effective pressure above the oil price is close to $49.35, and there is no effective support below. For the market trend, the tyrant teacher still look empty, before the formal introduction of frozen production, oil prices are difficult to continue to rise, the previous breakthrough is expected to be short-lived, and now the 50 pass is the intersection of oil prices. But since the crude oil entered the down channel, the high oil prices continue to move down, occasionally rising, did not break the high point of the day before yesterday, this is also fidelity has always insisted on a big reason for bearish. Overall, still short of thinking the same operation still rebound in the short, concern below the $48 mark, once effectively break this position, oil prices will enter the winter, the layout of the center line will thus open! Operational recommendations: 1, the rebound in crude oil $48.87 empty single approach, stop 0.4, target near $48.35; 2, the first time 47.85 dollars to try to do more, stop 0.3, target $48.50; 3, strong breaking $47.8 homeopathic short, stop 0.35, target 47 dollars; analysis of natural gas technology: natural gas, from the current four hours, Bollinger Bands shut operation, running on the K band near. Last week reached the end of the Department of 5064 recent lows, the uplink channel is particularly obvious, in early trading is higher 57 points. On the whole, after collecting three Yang columns, this article discusses

10.31晚评原油天然气操作建议及行情走势分析,有套单的免费解套! We want you!2016首届中国波特菲勒奖评选正式开始!基金、保险、券商等金融机构资管能力孰优孰强?请点击【投票】,选出你心中的最强机构!   原标题:10.31晚评原油天然气操作建议及行情走势分析,有套单的免费解套!   人一生常常在不断奔跑,而奔跑不在于瞬间的爆发,取决于途中的坚持。很多时候成功就是多坚持一分钟,只是我们不知道这一分钟会在什么时候出现。所以,在一切尚未定论之前,我们不要停下脚步。因为我们放弃的不只是一个事业,更是一个梦想!每天送给自己一个礼物,那就是自我鼓励,自我肯定,自我超越!周六(10月29日)原油输出国组织(OPEC)未能与非OPEC产油国就限产达成一致,国际油价周一(10月31日)进一步走低。像俄罗斯这样的非OPEC成员国是不会配合限产的,这会使沙特拒绝最终冻产协议的压力增加,事实上,近期油价的走势已经反映出市场不再相信OPEC廉价的“口头减产”,由于原油交易商对OPEC是否有能力执行减产存在质疑,使得上周油价走低。原油技术分析:回顾上周行情,原油收四阴一阳,油价整体维持弱势。日线图上看,5日均线下穿10、20日均线,再次回到50美元下方。四小时方面,油价近期一直受到布林中轨压制,下行一段时间后开始反弹,触及布林带中轨之后又开始回落。油价上方有效压力看49.35美元附近,下方目前没有一个有效的支撑。对于行情走势霸天老师依旧看空,在冻产正式出台之前,油价很难继续上涨,此前预计的突破也只是昙花一现,而现在的50关口更是油价的命运交叉点。但原油自从进入下行通道之后,油价高点不断下移,偶有上扬也并未突破前日高点,这也是信诚一直坚持看空的一大原因。综合来看,仍然做空思路不变,操作上仍以反弹做空为主,下方关注48美元关口,一旦有效突破此位置,油价将步入寒冬,中线布局将由此开启!原油操作建议:1、反弹48.87美元空单进场,止损0.4,目标48.35美元附近;2、首见47.85美元尝试做多,止损0.3,目标48.50美元一线;3、强势下破47.8美元顺势做空,止损0.35,目标47看美元;天然气技术分析:天然气方面,目前从四小时来看,布林带收口运行,K线运行于布林带上轨附近。上周达到底部5064近期低点后,上行通道格外明显,早盘更是高开57个点。综合来看,连收三根阳柱之后,今日又高开,多头再一次得到确认,目前只需关注压力位附近的回调即可顺势而为。后市重点关注5420阻力位突破情况,短期下方5360-5330一线支撑破位情况!天然气操作建议:1、5360不破则多单进场,止损40个点,目标5420-5450附近;2、5360破位即轻仓空单进场,止损40个点,目标5300-5280附近;没有不赚钱的投资,只有不成功的做单,赢输就是唯一标准。关于目前热门的现货原油沥青、铜,天然气,投资的朋友都可以咨询我,为投资者规避风险,扩大利润。追踪市场动态-直击全球热点、解读行情走势-剖析突发事件欢迎添加扶摇官方微信号:fuyaojujin87 指导QQ:875979344 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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