Lay the hand on the heart and examine oneself! Why don’t you dress fashionably when you go home for the Spring Festival? Sohu Spring Festival coming home soon, how to wear a big problem! Clothes do not want to take too much, but want to be fashionable, how to do? What do you do when you want to wear comfortable and fashionable clothes by train or plane? New year see friends and relatives want to use fashionable Hold live the whole audience, how to do? You’ll know what to do when you finish the whole thing from the beginning to the end! Coat, in the past 2015, whether you are fat or thin, you have to face great pressure. Lost their parents will be complaining, fat will upset. All you need is a clean coat! You are completely modified lines, make laws! A fashionable coat, everything you wear, looks good, and it’s the fashionable focus of the train station and the airport! Jessica wearing a long black coat, tall and slender Margot Robbie wearing a uniform wind double breasted coat, fur collar coat looks handsome and valiant mature elegant pink coat Liu Yifei more fairies wide leg pants baggy pants with a coat of magic, modified shape and add fashion, you don’t wear what you lose. Not afraid of cold girls can choose seven points, exposing legs, let others envy. Cold is the choice of long money, mind to wear high heels, cover shoes is the best, you go on not only the way home, or the forefront of the T station. Do not have wide leg pants, pants design sense can also to the rescue! Bai Baihe was very fashionable, and oversize and broad leg pants declined a little bit, Song Jia this body, if you go home for the Spring Festival, is completely breaking the rhythm of high school female students! Back home shoes with high heels, low heels, boots, each pair want to bring! Not afraid of luggage on the road will be damaged? A pair of sneakers on your feet can travel easily, and skirts and pants can be built without worry. Warm and slippery, how can there be such a convenient shoes? If the clover is too explosive, canvas shoes and running shoes are also a good choice! How many years has it been since you’ve been working for eighteen years? Oversize wind, this is not a single product, now all kinds of oversize clothing is very easy to find, fully meet your needs. Sweaters, jackets, sweaters, all oversize models! Why is the world crazy oversize? Show thin ah! If the Oversize sweater is long, it can be a dress directly! Skirt Oversize, chic and cute. Buy a oversize package, is your bird! Is a fashionable hat almost gas, on top of a hat, it is self-evident importance of other, sometimes even.

扪心自问!为什么你回家过年不能穿得时髦点?-搜狐   春节到来,回家在即,怎么穿成了大问题!衣服不想拿太多但又想够时髦,怎么办?坐火车或飞机想穿得舒服又时髦,怎么办?新年见亲朋好友想用时髦Hold住全场,怎么办?完完整整从头看到尾,你就知道怎么办了!   大衣   在过去的2015年,无论是你胖了还是瘦了,你都要面对着极为重大的压力。瘦了爸妈会叨叨,胖了自己会心烦。这时候你只需要一件利落大衣!完全修饰你的身形线条,让七大姑八大姨无话可说!                  一件时髦的大衣你搭配什么都好看,一穿上去就是火车站和飞机场的时尚焦点!      Jessica身穿黑色长型大衣,苗条高挑      Margot Robbie身穿军装风双排扣大衣,帅气飒爽      毛皮领的大衣看上去成熟优雅      穿粉色大衣的刘亦菲更具仙气   阔腿裤   阔腿裤跟大衣一样的神奇,修饰身形又增添时髦,你不穿就是你吃亏。不怕冷的姑娘完全可以选择七分款,露出小腿让别人妒忌去。怕冷的就选长款,心机地穿上高跟鞋,盖住鞋子就最好,你走上的不只是回家路,还是最一线T台。                        手头没有阔腿裤,设计感的运动裤也可以来救驾!      白百何深得时髦要领,oversize和阔腿裤一点没落下      宋佳这一身如果回家过年完全是掰弯高中女同学的节奏!   球鞋   回家带上高跟鞋、低跟鞋、靴子,每一双都想带!装不过来又怕路上行李会损坏?脚上一双球鞋就可以轻松出行,裙子裤子都能搭完全不用愁。保暖防滑,试问哪里还有这么方便的鞋子?如果三叶草有点太爆款,帆布鞋和跑步鞋也是好选择!                           穿上球鞋整个造型减龄不少,怎么你工作了这么多年还是十八岁啊?   Oversize风   这其实不是一件单品,现在oversize的各种衣服却很好找,完全满足你的各种需要。毛衣、外套、套衫,都有oversize的款!为什么全球都在疯oversize啊?显瘦啊!      Oversize毛衣要是下摆长,还可以直接当连衣裙!         裙子Oversize,时髦又可爱。               买一个oversize的包,显得你小鸟依人!   帽子   时髦差点气,就靠头上顶,帽子对一个造型的重要性不言而喻,有时候甚至是整个造型的关键所在。戴上帽子,头发太乱不用愁,没洗头发不用愁!      针织帽,尤其是粗针织帽,可以轻松地塑造冬日和节庆的氛围,温暖十足。         就连Alexa Chung也爱针织帽      王珞丹戴着毛线帽亮相机场,青春活力,街头范儿十足      “小南瓜”Behati Prinsloo用皮草夹克搭配毛线帽,帅到没朋友            宽檐帽一戴上,老家一秒变巴黎      Natalie Dormer为你讲述明星味儿是怎样炼成的。      文艺腔调的贝雷帽就连VOGUE也在推荐。注意,一定要侧戴或反戴,这样才够潇洒才够潇洒,才够配得上你一生不羁放纵爱自由!         怎么说,你今年回家赶路实在没有理由不时髦了。相关的主题文章:

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