60 old street walls were found to be the demolition of Nanjing hundred households wall with September 20th approaching, located in Nanjing Qinhuai District Deng Long Xiang District No. 19 hundred households, again for supporting a year with a 60 year old wall destiny and anxious. Last year, Nanjing Chaotiangong street to the wall for breach of wall to be dismantled, residents were opposed to. Exactly a year ago, and the street walls in the masonry, once again issued a demolition notice, the residents once again expressed their support to who could not move! A length of about thirty or forty meters of the fence, why caused hundreds of residents and collective street district is now. Hidden behind the relevant conflicts of interest? Intersection reporter conducted an investigation. [] visited hundreds of households collective residential expansion wall movement in Nanjing Deng Long Xiang is located in the southeast, west gate, Chaotiangong Cang Xiang East connection or State Road and Anpin street, famous in the Ming and Qing dynasties. At that time, pingshijie, Da Qiao, wood City, Ming wa Gallery line for the Nanjing City, so the water Simon Lane in port and city center, gradually with light artists gathered in the workshop, in the course of time, people called the lantern Lane Lane, after claiming that Deng Long Xiang. Deng Long Xiang South less than 300 metres long, is now a small alley, but since last September, here a wall built in 50s with a 60 year old wall, but let Deng Long Xiang District No. 19, hundreds of residents in Nanjing District of Qinhuai street and the collective temple is on the strength, but also caused much attention. "This wall is the wall of our community security, no one can move!" September 17th morning, the reporter just came to the intersection of Denglong Lane No. 19 in front of the District, district residents had surrounded by reporters, expressed their support and determination, out of the area hundreds of residents signed the "wall" appeal letter. In fact, as early as last September 24th, Chaotiangong Street issued a demolition notice, the district residents started wall movement of the wall, they are pulling banners to resist this paper wall demolition notice. Now, in September 13th they support a year after that, the removal of the wall and Temple streets issued notice, the district residents began moving the wall, they are not only the banner, and petitioned the relevant departments for the protection of this section of the wall, and puts forward the legitimate reasons for the removal of the fence to Chaotiangong street. [residents] said last year against the wall this dangerous wall street looking for a reason to walk in the demolition of Deng Long Xiang is only four or five meters wide alley, was originally the old city is messy, but now on one side of the construction of new buildings, more small and messy. There are a hundred meters of the old alley north of one wall, about thirty or forty meters long, about 2.5 meters high wall, it is Deng Long Xiang No. 19 30 storey residential building residential area in front of a section of the wall, not far away from the cell wall of the temple is People are hurrying to and fro. antique market, the area is currently under construction related portal building. The inner side of the wall, is the residential parking bicycle shed, now shed a full stop to the residents of bicycle. An iron fence, a red and yellow banners hanging "rights, maintaining the peaceful life of residents!" On the wall, a "wall demolition notice" shows: due to the number of 19, East Lane相关的主题文章:

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