8 Xianju police rescue tour pal trapped the mountains when the 3 encounter snakes out of the way in October 7th, Taizhou heavy rains in Xianju, at 7 pm, Xianju Baita police station received a report that more than 8 people in the vicinity of the Shenxianju tour pal, a named Gao Yuyan mountain climbers on the trapped personnel is extremely weak, requests for rescue. Duty deputy director Li Wei led the police immediately to the police should thrive, Yu Tianlong organized the rescue, and contact the Xianju telephone emergency search and rescue team of Zhejiang party captain with reinforcements. Fast search and rescue team by a police station, emergency rescue team of 13 people, with a rope, a light into the mountains overnight rain rescue. Fortunately, trapped in mobile phone tour pal signal, sent to the police about the tour pal position through the mobile phone, but not familiar with the terrain, can not describe the specific locations of their tour pal trapped, the police can only according to their fuzzy description, in conjunction with the emergency rescue team to determine the general direction and make the tour pal, the rescue plan organized rescue personnel into the mountain search and rescue. A day of rain, steep hill more slippery, with the passage of time, the mountain temperature is on the decline, coupled with the heavy fog, mountain area, mountain terrain, search and rescue work is progressing slowly. Through various efforts, more than an hour later, the rescue personnel trapped out about the tour pal, in order to ensure the safety of the rescue team immediately on the hillside was set up temporary headquarters, unified command and coordination. Search and rescue team and the police took the mountain mountain for tools, thrilling way again and again, the three encounter snakes in the way the intrusion, one of the most breathtaking and weighs nearly 5 pounds of "wubushe" almost come to a close, the police caught a kiss and then to direct relative safety. Because of the heavy fog lock hill low visibility, the front of the dark, with high mountains and dense forests, the steep and slippery rock road, mountain rescue workers shouted from time to time, try to use the flashlight illuminates the flash in the fog mountain, difficult identification direction. Near midnight, the rescue team finally in a nearby high jade called Guang Yuyan on the top of the mountain to find 8 people trapped, they have now suffer hunger and cold shivering. After more than 8 hours of searching the lead, at 3:20 in the morning, 8 tour pal was safely brought to the mountain. It is understood that the 8 tour pal trapped from Ningbo of a company, the "donkey" is a spur of the moment, not equipped with specialized equipment, a pedestrian on the morning of 10 PM mountain, because not familiar with the route and the terrain, with heavy rain and fog lost, for the trapped, they felt very scared. Police remind, outdoor activities relating to safety of life, a lot of activities organized by the tour pal spontaneous, arbitrary, specialization is low, prone to accidents. Therefore, to find a person who holds a tour card, hire a local professional guide to ensure safety. At the same time, "your" to do what, to fully assess the physical self examination, be accustomed to long time sports master, hiking, field survival and other related knowledge; we must always pay attention to changes in the weather, familiar with the exploration to the topography of the land, choose the right line, to avoid the dangerous sections; ready for outdoor equipment, equipped with professional accessories, with foot the commonly used drugs etc..相关的主题文章:

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