90 buy high prices were "recently, reporters to drive a duck onto a perch" one in Beijing just after buying the real 90 buyers in a chance, for this year, house sales experience, Miss Jiang said, "just drive a duck onto a perch.". It is understood that Miss Jiang is a fresh graduate in 2015, currently working in Beijing. Miss Jiang told reporters, due to the needs of work, Miss Jiang’s boyfriend is currently working in Shanghai, for the two people are in love, in Beijing buyers are not in their future planning. At first, the two of them intend to wait for Miss Jiang’s boyfriend to come to Beijing, and then proceed to the house. In the same period last year, 3 million yuan of the total 1629 either in the average price per square meter of more than 30 thousand yuan in Tongzhou, or the north ring, are able to buy a relatively satisfactory house. But a year later, prices go up let Miss Jiang some contrary to expectation. In the opinion of Miss Jiang, in April this year and in May to buy a house both money, but also efficient. After being stimulated by the wave of price increases, Miss Jiang also joined the army to buy a house, but then the Tongzhou housing prices have risen to more than 40 thousand yuan per square meter. But in the house a few weeks later, in Beijing "9· 30" control policy only for the country and more quickly into the property market "adjustment period", in raising Shoufu ratio, housing and credit recognition initiatives under the influence, Beijing second-hand housing turnover dropped. Miss Jiang said that although the volume is said to go down prices will fall, but still can not afford to gamble, although it has exceeded many of the budget, but still buy good morning.相关的主题文章:

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