A 62 year old woman home defeat stocks attempted Dutch act is the Chung Yeung Festival yesterday, in recent years, the psychological problems of the elderly has been the focus of attention of many people. Reporters from the city of Corelle hospital learned that a 62 year old woman suffering from depression, came to the hospital. The old man’s condition is more serious, even at home to cut wrist suicide. The cause of suffering from depression and stock market failure related. The 62 year old Wanglaotai stocks for many years, has always been a minor, a slight surplus. In July this year, held by the Wanglaotai stock crash, just two or three days time, Wanglaotai lost more than 8 yuan. Because it is all the savings of the old man, the old man grieved, a few days can not sleep. His wife and son kept comforting granny, money is outside the body, don’t care too much. But Wanglaotai did not walk out of the shadow of losing stocks. In August this year, the elderly mental state has been bad for several days, often insomnia, and family life is boring, often with his wife said that if he died, how to deal with the property, has become the account for the future, which makes the family are very worried. One morning recently, his wife go to the market to buy food, but just go out for more than and 10 minutes, do not feel at ease, and hurried to go home. So open the door into the house, found that Wanglaotai has left wrist cut with a blade, the blood is constantly flowing down, his wife hurried to the hospital. Because of the timely discovery, Wanglaotai no danger. But Wanglaotai attempted Dutch act behavior for the whole family were aware of the seriousness of the problem. Wanglaotai just got out of the hospital, his wife came to the hospital clinic with Corelle wanglaotai. According to the doctor’s diagnosis, Wanglaotai suffering from depression. After a month of drug therapy and psychological counseling, Wanglaotai gradually from stocks losing out. City hospital clinic director Corelle Fu Zhongqiu said, in the face of some major events, especially the setbacks, the mood is easy to fluctuate, some people can slowly adjust, but some people are easy to get, suffering serious loss in inextricably bogged down in, social function, and even go on the road to ruin Dutch act. It has a close relationship with individual heredity, environment and psychology. The family can take it to participate in singing, dancing, playing cards, volunteering, sports, watching movies and other amateur activities to help divert their attention, relieve stress. However, if these methods still do not have any effect, it is recommended to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.相关的主题文章:

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