The difference between the 41 year old Ye sun love married men often date next week exposure to hot springs Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the music Li Kuncheng and his forty-one year old girlfriend Lin Jingen declared the election day is about to get married, marriage registration on Tuesday, it was Lin Jingen’s twenty birthday, two people to take care of this period of three and a half years love, now to a new milepost, also let Li Kuncheng address him: "very happy!" Li Kuncheng and his girlfriend Lin Jingen mentioned next Tuesday will married news, Li Kuncheng media telephone interview also said: "happy because the eighteen year old to get married after guardian, at the age of twenty, you can decide the preferred place of honeymoon in Japan, and then went to Karuizawa to see the maple leaf, it is winter you can go to Hokkaido to play in the snow." Through more than three years of time, Li Kuncheng also said happily: "what kind of love outdoor activities, skiing, hot springs, we will go to the snow Hohuanshan, will also go to Jhihben spa." Get along with more than 1 thousand days, about to enter the marriage, Li Kuncheng said: I think these forms of wedding is not important." For the details of the wedding although it is still up in the air, but Li Kuncheng also said: "would take wedding, but also not discussed very fine, we also want to have kids, I love a girl." (ETtoday) responsible editor: GDN006相关的主题文章:

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