A dream duo Lai favorite snacks, do you want one? Sohu and see so many years of A dream duo Lai, in addition to being clever and stupid Doraemon Nobita to attract outside, also has been the Dorayaki deeply attracted. Today we ate the causeway to burn, reread A dream duo Lai ~ simple and delicious video so recipe to 4 egg 140g sugar 30g honey 160g flour (sieve) 520g bean sauce 5g baking powder 15ml amount of water oil slightly up 1 bowls with egg, sugar, honey, stir uniform. Add flour and baking powder (SIFT), cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 15 minutes. The 2 cold after the batter is more smooth, about 15ml of water, stir well. 3 after the oil pan brush wipe with a paper towel to a small fire, pour 50g batter, fried pores to the surface, about 20 seconds; then turn over, and fry for about 30 seconds, filled out with a wet towel over the remaining batter; the same operation can be about 12. 4 cakes with red bean sauce (thicker in the middle on the edge), and then cover the top of cake, wrap. Can small snacks can go to snack, the Dorayaki practical is very delicious! The workshop, Namiko Chen video delicacy.相关的主题文章:

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