A wave zero triggered three thinking money why not Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my / our reporter Wang Wei Tuesday "Shanghai refers to a fourteen year low amplitude refresh" the news sparked widespread concern you, this will also be the recent market shrinking and the volatility convergence dilemma and promote the increasingly popular vision. After the "1000 stock trading" and "thousand shares limit", now ushered in the "thousand sideways", the recent market really makes no start. Indeed, compared to the volatility of 100 points in early days, the highest point between Shanghai days and the lowest point since August began to quickly narrow the gap. In September 8th, just 12.88 days after the day’s record low of a record low of 14 years, the record was broken again on Tuesday at the point of 11.94. Yesterday, although the amplitude of a slight rebound, but still only 14.91 points in the recent low level. In the low is not only the amplitude of the stock index, more than two of the city’s trading, the recent continuous hovering at $400 billion. On Wednesday the Shanghai and Shenzhen two AB shares of the total turnover of only 351 billion 703 million yuan last year, even the largest turnover of 2 trillion and 420 billion yuan less than a fraction. So embarrassing situation can not help but lead to deep thinking. Doubts: why not money from the historical experience, narrow fluctuations often correspond to funds is the willingness to participate in the downturn. However, in August 30, 2002 0.26% to simply take the amplitude and the recent comparison does not seem so fair, this is mainly because of the size of the market already cannot be mention in the same breath. Exchange data show that in August 2002 the number of A shares corresponding to only 1197 companies, the total market capitalization of the two cities is only $4 trillion and 650 billion in August this year, the city has a total of 2930 listed companies, with a total market capitalization of $49 trillion and 160 billion. Visible, the current liquidity dilemma is actually more than the previous. Low amplitude current trend within a narrow range and the history of God does not like the shape, it is not simply apply the historical experience that is now a new round of "bull" initiative. However, why the funds on the A shares gradually show boredom or even avoid the mood of fear? On the one hand, with two city market volatility gradually narrowed, arbitrage space is rapidly reduced, day trading difficulty increased sharply, leading to the venue out of active funds, and continue to wait and see them in the OTC funds in foot. In the presence of a double whammy to leave the capital and outside the capital not to rush to the rescue, "tomorrow today led led by the" hot "day" seems to have appeared in the expectation of them. This further leads to the gradual loss of the vitality of the market, continue to be the venue of the stock of capital institutions and retail investors can only passively choose "zombie", after widespread concern by the market to limit death squads and other active funds are now almost rarely infested. These will continue to exacerbate the volatility of the market to reduce the funds into a vicious cycle of vicious circle. On the other hand, the gradual contraction in the internal circulation of funds at the same time, the capital of blood is far from stopping. As of Thursday, this year, the two cities have ushered in the theory of 119相关的主题文章:

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