A love on the chaos, a tube die! How to do ability to love and at the same time to the rules – Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources | picture | family education | hand tasting parent-child love children, he soon no rules, the child, he soon feel the parents do not love him. How do? Love is a mess, a die! In a loving way to give children the rules, children can feel the rules is a part of love; by the punishment rules to give children, children feel is hate, not rules. This is one of the focal points of the exchange of parents to replace punishment. In life, "punishment" has become the most common and many parents love with the killer, is indeed very good, but also very easy, it seems all parents are doing. So, we have recognized the choice must be the most scientific? Of course not, just because this is one of the most helpless choice, in addition to the "trick" we do not think what a good trick, here to tell you some good methods instead of punishment, for your reference. First, for the punishment of understanding: 1, punishment to bring their children to feel hostility, hatred, resistance, guilt, self pity, no sense of the value; 2, children in the punishment will scattered in retaliation for their parents, missed the improper behavior of Estoppel and thinking of error correction opportunity. Is not conducive to children from the bottom of the heart to understand the error, correct the error; 3, as an act of punishment will be followed by the child, to strong bullying will become the way he faced the problem. 4, the child’s punishment, they will reduce the error behavior of guilt, they think "punishment" can offset their "crimes", can justifiably repeat their mistakes; 5, experts believe that a child should bring their fruit since then experienced misconduct, rather than punishment. To make him feel that there is no punishment in a parent-child relationship. Two, instead of seven skills and case reference punishment: 1, attention: transfer the child’s attention on the issue of "behavior" to help parents to do something or something interesting: suitable for: not too serious or accidental case: the child in the supermarket with a take on the shelves of counterexamples (parents): "you take, see your dad, do you!" the positive examples (parents): "baby, you help me pick three red apple!" 2, clear expression strongly disagrees with the position (but do not attack the child’s personality, let the children understand the impact problem) the consequences: for more serious cases need to correct, timely and clear attitude problem: the child in the supermarket ran counter (parents):" You’re too reckless, not allowed to watch TV at night! "Positive (parents):" I don’t love you so! The child will interfere with other people in the shopping aisles run! "3, show your expectations: not too much has happened to be wrong, and that of painting相关的主题文章:

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