A male physical examination will do an action that prostate carcinoma is a male specific sexual organs, with endocrine and exocrine function, control urination and transportation function, that is simple and it is ejaculation urination tube. There is a saying that, to some extent, the aging of men begins with the prostate gland. The body is still very strong, urination has been endless feeling, and even slightly pain, which are prostate issued alarm. So, it’s important to focus on prostate health. What tests can help men to know prostate health? Of course, we can’t say less about the anus. Awkward but simple and effective one, touch the anus with your finger, that is, anal finger test. Anal examination is the most convenient and preferred method for internal examination of rectum and anus. A lot of anorectal disease by rectal examination can be found early, statistics, good hair in rectal cancer, 80% of colorectal cancer can be found through anus check. Anal examination is very simple, and there is no abnormal case, it can be completed in one minute. Check the index finger with fingerstall, grease, check out the anus rectum state. It doesn’t sound like trouble, but it’s kind of embarrassing. But to give up is not a wise move, there are data that rectal cancer missed diagnosis in 80% because of missing caused by the doctor has been called the rectal examination as a routine examination. Especially for people over the age of 55, it is recommended to do 1 finger checks and enteroscopy every year. Screening for prostate cancer: rectal examination method for screening for prostate cancer include: every year should be done at least once a digital rectal examination (DRE), prostate specific antigen (PSA) detection and transrectal ultrasonography. Anal digital examination is simple and its diagnostic accuracy is up to 50%~80%. If you have found that prostate stone like hard nodules, tumor size, or a few millimeters or larger and fixed, should be highly suspected prostate cancer risk. Detection of blood prostate specific antigen (PSA) is an effective method for early diagnosis of prostate cancer. This method requires only a small amount of blood, and it is possible to determine whether there is a possibility of prostate cancer according to the test value. Although PSA has higher sensitivity in the diagnosis of prostate cancer, but in addition to prostate cancer, part of prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis patients can also found that PSA increased, this will bring some problems to the early diagnosis of prostate cancer. Transrectal ultrasonography which is an effective method for the detection of prostate cancer, it can understand the patient’s prostate on the presence of hypoechoic nodules. If possible, the possibility of prostate cancer should be considered. Prostate biopsy through the three examination, on the part of highly suspected prostate cancer patients should be performed to confirm the diagnosis of prostate biopsy. Prostate biopsy is one of the most effective methods for the diagnosis of prostate cancer, although it is a invasive diagnostic method, but it will not bring great pain to the patient. Patients also don’t have to worry about the spread of prostate cancer cells by puncture. Yes?

男性体检一项必做 一个动作看出前列腺癌   前列腺是男性特有的性腺器官,具有内、外分泌功能、控制排尿及运输功能,简单的说就是射精与排尿都归它管。有种说法认为,从某种程度上说,男性的 衰老是从前列腺开始的。身体还很强壮,排尿时却已有了淋漓不尽的感觉,甚至还微微疼痛,这都是前列腺发出的警报。所以,关注前列腺健康这件事儿就显得尤其 重要。哪些检查能够帮助男性知晓前列腺健康?这里当然不能少说了肛门指检。   尴尬却简单有效的一个动作   用手指摸肛门,也就是肛门指检。肛检,是直肠、肛门内部检查最简便且首选的方法。许多肛管直肠疾患仅凭肛门指检即可早期发现,资料统计,直肠癌好发在直肠中下段,80%的直肠癌可以通过肛检发现。   肛检过程很简单,一般没有异常情况的话,一分钟就能结束检查。检查者食指戴指套,涂润滑剂,伸出肛门检查直肠状态。   听起来不麻烦,可也确实有点尴尬。但放弃显然不是一个明智的举动,有数据称直肠癌漏诊者中有80%是因漏检所致,医生一直呼吁,应把肛门指检作为常规检查项目。特别是55岁以上人群,建议每年做1次指检和肠镜检查。   筛查前列腺癌:肛门指检管用   筛查前列腺癌的方法主要包括:每年应至少做一次直肠指检(DRE)、血前列腺特异性抗原(PSA)检测以及经直肠前列腺B超检查等。   肛门指检   简单易行,其诊断准确率可达50%~80%。若发现前列腺上有石头样坚硬的结节,肿块大小不一,或几毫米或很大且固定,就要高度怀疑有前列腺癌的可能。   血前列腺特异性抗原   PSA检测是近年发展起来的一项用于前列腺癌早期诊断的有效方法。这种检查方法只需抽取少量血,就可根据化验数值来判断是否有前列腺癌的可能。虽然PSA诊断前列腺癌的灵敏性较高,但除了前列腺癌以外,部分前列腺增生和前列腺炎患者也可发现PSA增高,这样就给前列腺癌的早期诊断带来一定的干扰。   经直肠前列腺B超检查   这也是一项有效的前列腺癌检查方法,它可以了解患者的前列腺上是否有低回声结节存在。如果有的话,应考虑有前列腺癌存在的可能。   前列腺穿刺活检   通过上述三项检查,对部分高度怀疑前列腺癌的患者应进一步行前列腺穿刺活检以明确诊断。前列腺穿刺活检是诊断前列腺癌的一种最为有效的方法,它虽然是一种有创伤的诊断方法,但不会给患者带来很大的痛苦。患者也不必担心穿刺会引起前列腺癌肿瘤细胞的扩散。   有男性说,这个检查太尴尬,真心不能接受啊。但对于健康来说,这点儿尴尬又算得了什么呢?相关的主题文章:

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