A woman in Sichuan to drink unboiled water double kidney 30 years 10 cm long giant stone – Beijing Beijing in Chengdu on 7 November, (Wang Peng) 7 reporters from the hospital of gallstone disease in Sichuan province was informed that the hospital recently admitted a rare patient with renal stones. From Sichuan, Liangshan, 34 year old woman of each wood, double kidney grew up to 10 cm giant stones, kidney space is almost filled with stones. Clinically, patients with double kidney long giant stones are generally middle-aged men, women are relatively rare, young women are more rare." Sichuan Provincial Hospital of disease often found in the hospital after a detailed examination of the doctor, the woman was almost double the kidney space filled with stones. He asked patients after judgment, the case with the woman to drink unboiled water is directly related to the perennial. The wood told the doctor that the local water is mostly lead down from the mountain spring water, she used to drink, very few boil. In addition, she usually tend to eat vegetables diet, outdoor activities more time. "Sweating, drinking less, is one of the main causes of people suffering from kidney stones, she usually drinking spring water, is likely to be rich in calcium and other minerals in hard water. She usually likes to eat vegetables, strong sunlight in Liangshan, vegetables, oxalic acid and calcium ions in the water more easily combined with the formation of stones in the body." Chang Li Gao said that the combination of these factors led to the age of each wood suffering from double kidney stones. Reporters learned that, due to the inside of each of the kidneys are almost filled with stones, conventional open surgery does not apply. The hospital has been made to the 4 high degree of difficulty of minimally invasive surgery, and further observation treatment. Chang Li Gao said that the recurrence rate of calcium oxalate stones in 10 years up to 50%. Patients to prevent stone recurrence, should drink lots of water and must also be light diet, eat less spinach, mango, strawberry, chocolate, nuts and other foods rich in oxalate, often eaten with citric acid in citrus fruits. For each of the rare cases of wood, often recommended that it will be high after the water boil and then drink, while avoiding direct sunlight exposure. (end)相关的主题文章:

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