Sichuan two restaurant boss homemade bottom material add poppy shell won the Sichuan probation recently, Panzhihua (micro-blog), Ya’an (micro-blog) have two court verdict, Panzhihua City West Pakistan Ye Huan spicy shrimp Zhao Yucheng District of Ya’an City, Jiang Nan Lu Qiang Wang Baoqi Hot pot shop Shi Moumou for producing and selling poisonous and harmful food crime. Jailed. Last September, a routine inspection of Western Panzhihua city food and drug administration, inspectors found that "Ba Ye Huan spicy shrimp" restaurant from homemade Hot pot bottom material, detect morphine, noscapine, Tibane three substances, the detection result is not qualified. Recently, the people’s Court of Panzhihua City, Sichuan province sentenced the defendant Zhao Moumou guilty of producing and selling toxic and harmful food crimes, sentenced to ten months, suspended for one year and fined $10000. In May 12, 2015, the Sichuan provincial food and Drug Administration commissioned by the Sichuan provincial food and Drug Inspection Institute of Yucheng District, Ya’an City, Wang Qiang Jiang Nan Lu treasure "Hot pot shop red soup material inspection. Nakodin, Tibane, detection of papaverine, morphine, codeine and other ingredients. The day before, Sichuan Province, Ya’an City Intermediate People’s Court of second instance verdict, Shi Moumou was sentenced to one year imprisonment, suspended for one year and fined 10000 yuan. Chengdu Daily reporter Wang Chun editor’s note: this video has nothing to do with the original, only the extended reading man in Malatang Riga poppy: from the guest population that it is a good seasoning"相关的主题文章:

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