Alert cottage community staged the last crazy recently, the official website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced the eleventh batch of cottage communities, offshore community list, a total of 51 communities in which. Up to now, there have been a total of 1135 cottage societies, offshore community was informed by the Ministry of civil affairs. Reporters combed found, despite repeated reports, but most of the cottage community is still in a variety of ways to continue activities. In August 29th, "the JINGWAH times", the cottage community was publicly announced, starting in February of this year. Whether it is informed of copycat association list, or copycat community enrichment routines, obviously many people is no longer a stranger. The news of the biggest points are two: first, the latest exposure of the specific community of what are the cottage; the two is most of the cottage community after being exposed to continue to make people feel fresh". Arguably, copycat associations have been unveiled, the agency’s reputation has fallen, its operating activities should be no support, soil and space can be basically no survival. However, the fact is, most of the cottage community is still active after exposure". This can not help but make people curious about the "wind" courage come from? In some societies after being exposed, copycat is likely to change the strategy, such as changing the way of activity, Bianzhuohuayang specifically to deceive those uninformed public or enterprise, by what. Although the official website of the Ministry of civil affairs publicly informed, the media follow-up reports, but does not mean that everyone knows the relevant information. The more important reason is that after the exposure is still in the activities of the association is the copycat want to catch the last chance to make money, which in January 1st next year the implementation of special laws "overseas NGO activities within the management law" before this time, that is the legal community copycat blank period, regulatory authorities have not launched large-scale action to investigate, so took the opportunity to collect money. Or in some public and businesses do not know the truth before the cottage community took the opportunity to get some money. Therefore, for the still active copycat community, can not wait until after the formal implementation of special legal governance, and according to the existing laws and regulations to prevent active investigation, staged last crazy". Since the exposure of copycat associations are still active and must have activities should be based on trajectory, trajectory and fiddling. Frankly, after the exposure of the cottage community will not be active, rampant activities are not rampant, depends entirely on the attitude of the relevant departments. Of course, even if the law in January 1st next year after the implementation of some copycat associations also may not stop the illegal activities, there may be another vest or Bianzhuohuayang activities. Therefore, the relevant departments of the task is not light.相关的主题文章:

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