Alipay and WeChat issued the first batch of Hongkong deposit and payment licenses in Hongkong the HKMA announced that 25 to 5 companies awarded according to the "payment system and payment prepaid deposit and payment tool Ordinance" (SVF) license, respectively Alipay (HK) Financial Services Limited, HKT Payment Limited, a wealth of Data Co., TNG (Asia Limited) and Octopus Cards Limited, this is the first batch of Hongkong SVF license. Hongkong gold pipe Bureau senior assistant president Li Dazhi pointed out that, as the representative of the words by their products, the 5 companies were as ants gold suit’s Alipay wallet, Hongkong Telecom’s Tap& Go (shot live tours), a subsidiary of Tencent WeChat Pay (WeChat, TNG e-currency payment), octopus "easy give me". In addition to the octopus, force all license date, and Octopus Cards Limited license will come into effect on November 13th this year. Chen Delin, President of the Hongkong monetary authority, said the first batch of SVF licenses granted, marking the development of Hongkong’s retail payment into a new stage. The implementation of SVF licensing system, enabling the new retail payment instruments and the introduction, but also can protect the interests of users, and strengthen the public on the use of the product and service of confidence, help promote Hongkong retail payment business innovation and development.相关的主题文章:

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