Analysts: EU champions back program material hardline the Bank of England this season will cut U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina stocks warrants 14 PM Beijing time – a survey by Reuters, the EU is expected to be back in Europe for two years the negotiations take a tough attitude, and the substantial depreciation of the pound is expected to push inflation next year more than the British central bank set the target level. Concerns about rising inflation have led analysts to disagree about interest rates. 53 analysts surveyed by Reuters, the Bank of England is expected to cut interest rates in the fourth quarter of, of which the name of interest rate cut of 15 basis points in the range of 22. The Bank of England (Sina) at the same time, 26 analysts believe that this year the Bank of England will not take action. Most Britons voted to withdraw from the EU in June 23rd. British Prime Minister Teresa – Mei has said she will start the fiftieth terms before the end of March next year, which began with the European Union between two years of negotiations back in europe. A lot of people now speculate that Teresa – Mei tend to "hard back Europe" – means that in order to implement immigration control and give up the EU single market efforts. This may be due to trade, especially in the service sector, and hurt foreign investment. In this environment, the EU will likely take a tough stance to remind Britain and other European countries, if you want to enter the EU single market must agree with the free flow of labor, "the German commercial bank analyst Peter Dixon said. In addition to one of the 27 analysts who answered the questions, Mr Yu said he expects the EU to take a tough or very tough stance on britain. These analysts before the referendum had almost the same warning referendum back in Europe will harm the British economy, and accurately predict the results will lead to the pound fell back in europe. They now believe that the British economy into a technical recession is about 1/4, the initial estimate is a slight decline. The overall outlook for economic growth is still significantly weaker than before the referendum. Survey shows that the Bank of England will cut interest rates again by 15 basis points to a record low of 0.1%, as early as possible in the next month. After that interest rates will remain at least until the end of 2018. (end) editor: Li Wu SF053相关的主题文章:

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