Apple: not promised to replace the battery – Sohu science and technology news November 17th for abnormal shutdown Texun user: iPhone 6 and iPhone6s automatic shutdown event again fermentation. The Apple Corp promised to replace the battery to ensure the normal use of the consumer’s statement, apple yesterday (Chinese) PR person in charge told the Beijing News reporter, the reason is still under investigation to automatically shut down, and did not make the commitment. Days ago, many apple mobile phone users claimed in power display and 30% or even 60%, mobile phone will automatically shut down. Many users contact Apple customer service, the response is, there may be battery aging, low temperature, upgrade the new system, etc.. The day before, Chinese Consumer Association, Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee are involved in the matter, asked apple to identify the cause as soon as possible, to give consumers a reasonable explanation. Among them, the association has issued a letter of inquiry, for reasons, treatment measures of Apple Corp related series mobile phone automatic shutdown and there is no remedy for questioning, and ask the Apple Corp to respond within 10 days. Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee said, interviewed last week Apple Computer Trading (Shanghai) Co. relevant responsible person; the Apple Corp said it was to communicate with US headquarters actively, make technical judgment on related products; for the current part of consumer complaints, the Apple Corp promised to replace the battery to ensure the normal use of consumers. Yesterday, apple (China) public relations told the Beijing News reporter, they do not agree with the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee, the reason for the automatic shutdown is still under investigation, and did not make these commitments. At the same time, he told reporters that Apple’s official response to the matter, Apple has been informed of the small part of the feedback from the iPhone 6S users they encountered an unexpected shutdown situation. We are in contact with these customers for more information. Consumers have any problems can get in touch with AppleCare. At the same time, we are also working with the relevant government departments to receive feedback from consumers." (reporter Ma Jing) [source:] [King] McKinley: commissioning editor相关的主题文章:

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