Baidu internal bulletin 17 serious violation case glutinous rice local branch to corrupt the hardest hit Sina Technology News September 18th evening news, Sina technology today exclusively learned within Baidu Inc conducted full briefing on the 17 serious disciplinary case, a disciplinary case and most of these internal corruption. Among them, the bulletin of the hardest hit serious disciplinary cases for Baidu Nuomi related business. In 17 cases of informed discipline, there are 10 related to Baidu Nuomi business, and all the local branch personnel discipline. Staff discipline these Baidu Nuomi local branch brush single cheat subsidies, false reimbursement, virtual sales performance for the light and so on, fired, serious person has been transferred to judicial organs and criminal responsibility. In addition to Baidu Nuomi, there are customers in Beijing development department, Ministry of Commerce, channel cooperation, search product market, Post Bar, cool games, mobile distribution and several other departments staff not normal operation to be punished, among those who have been expelled from the most serious, transferred to judicial organs. Among them, customer development, business cooperation channels, the Department of illegal employees mainly involve unfair economic exchanges and business partners; and product marketing staff search illegal reason is malicious tampering website ranking right; Post Bar employees illegal reason is taking bribes for novel website diversion; cool game is the game currency to employees game player to sell cheap illicit profits; mobile Distribution Department staff was dismissed due to theft of Baidu resources benefit their external software. This is not the first time Baidu public notification handling serious disciplinary cases. Prior to this, due to improper operations involved in the game business, Baidu announced on August 2014 announced the dismissal of the general manager of the game division Liao Jun, and transferred to judicial organs. In addition, Baidu also announced in April this year for "violating the occupation morals, damage the interests of the company as vice president of Baidu, in addition to open 15 years founding employees," Baidu promotion known as "the father of Wang Zhan, which is also the Baidu Inc occupation ethics committee so far the highest level of employee punishment. (Li Gen): Sina Technology exclusive that Baidu Inc internal serious disciplinary cases briefing: [important] Baidu Inc occupation ethics committee — a serious violation of discipline cases informed Victor: now a number of illegal cases in 2016 occupation moral Department has investigation summary such as the management of the company, please forward the case notification mail to Baidu staff. Occupation ethics committee will according to the company’s management requirements, continue to increase efforts to deal with corruption, corruption and fraud exposure treatment, any violation of the state laws, and resolutely transferred to judicial organs according to law. Hope that through the investigation and notification of these cases, the alarm bells ringing, and remind the majority of Baidu alert students: in awe of the heart, the company adhere to the red line system. Abide by the occupation ethics is the practice of "Baidu Simple and Reliable" the minimum requirements of values, please company managers at all levels must strengthen the core values education in their respective teams, to ensure more effective implementation of occupation moral and behavioral norms. On the one hand, the company strictly in accordance with the company system and the national law day相关的主题文章:

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