Behind the Xu Yuyu case: Anxi telecommunications fraud continued to strengthen the recent crackdown on telecommunications fraud in Anxi, some of the houses on the content of a similar slogan slogan. Beijing News reporter Gu Yuefei Sheshan East prospective students Xu Yuyu cheated death case occurred in Fujian, Anxi in the past gloomy history was re excavated. In previous media reports, Anxi is known as the high incidence of telecommunications fraud. Peak period, every day from here issued a number of SMS fraud. In recent years, the local government to continue the fight against telecommunications fraud, some Anxi people transferred to the field again. The Xu Yuyu case, the 6 suspects in Jiangxi is the implementation of the crime. Telecommunications fraud in Anxi why repeated? Many respondents believe that some people have a problem of values. Fraud on their own moral requirements of fraud is generally low, not to be ashamed of fraud, and to be less than money for fraud". In their eyes, fraud has become a profession, just a means to make a living, so a family or even a village in fraud." Quanzhou, a police officer involved in the fight against telecommunications fraud for many years, said. Anxi’s gloomy history in August 19th, Shandong city of Linyi province college entrance examination admission freshmen Xu Yuyu suspect to grants through the name of telecommunications fraud cheated 9900 yuan. After the incident, Xu Yuyu collapsed on the way home, a sudden cardiac arrest, sent to hospital died. Ministry of public security informed the suspect information, Xu Yuyu case involving 6 suspects. 6 suspects, there are 5 from Fujian. Not only is a 19 year old Fujian xiong. Ministry of Public Security announced the information shows that his domicile in Chongqing, Fengdu. But after the media field visits found that the bear was over two years old and followed his father to Fujian, and has been living up to now. 5 people, 3 people from the Anxi County, the other two people from neighboring Yongchun county. Anxi is located in the southeast coast of Fujian, under the jurisdiction of the city of Quanzhou, the territory of more mountains and less, there are eight mountains, one water and one field, said. Anxi is the local tea all over the mountains and plains, the most famous is the specialty of "Tieguanyin", Anxi people are more willing to call themselves "Chinese tea". Because Xu Yuyu incident, Anxi’s past gray history was dug up. At least more than and 10 years ago, the county was exposed by the media as a high incidence of telecommunications fraud. According to the 2004 "Outlook Weekly" reported: Anxi is China’s mobile phone SMS fraud "base camp", located in the town of kuidou mobile communication base station was "base station" Asia’s busiest, during the peak of SMS fraud in Anxi one day, a mobile phone SMS millions of more. Telecommunications fraud in the 90s of last century originated in Taiwan, it is also known as "Taiwan fraud". Taiwan police crackdown, the beginning of the century began to move to the mainland, Fujian has become the preferred place. Media reports said: after 2003, Fujian Ji Gang Members in the new master routine to fraud, family relations, the rapid localization of telecommunications fraud. Since then, the telecommunications fraud continued renovation techniques. Anxi is a knowledgeable person, like the Xu Yuyu case, the 6 suspects the way is "low", posing as a state functionary of subsidies is a few years ago of scams, now the latest tricks are fake gambling sites!相关的主题文章:

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