Betta naked female anchor brokerage company held: disseminator of legal responsibility Author: Xi Yuan IT home news February 26th News reported yesterday IT home Betta TV popular female anchor caused a great disturbance in the changing dew point of online news, some users report platform reported even in the 12318 national cultural market, said the betta TV female anchor Guo Mini live in in the process of naked. At present, the Ministry of culture has not yet responded formally to the issue. However, the Shanghai seven Huang Mdt InfoTech Ltd, a brokerage firm affiliated with the project, issued a statement today, saying it would be legally prosecuted for indecent content distribution or uploading. In a statement, the company found that criminals use the non normal channels to obtain our artist Guo Yun (Guo MINI) indecent video and photos, and malicious smear and dissemination, our tracing the video and photo release and upload the identity and to the police record and a lawyer to follow up any payment, upload, transmit or spread to other forms of video and photographs of unlawful infringement, any person shall immediately stop this behavior, otherwise the company will be legal action. The following is the full text of the company statement:

斗鱼全裸女主播经纪公司:追究传播者法律责任   作者:汐元   IT之家讯 2月26日消息 昨天IT之家报道了斗鱼TV当红女主播换衣露点在网上引起轩然大波的消息,有网友甚至在12318全国文化市场举报平台举报,称斗鱼TV女主播郭mini在直播过程中全裸出镜。目前文化部尚未对此事进行正式回应。不过该涉事女主播所属经纪公司上海七煌信息科技有限公司于今日对外发出声明,表示将会予以法律追究不雅内容发放人或上传者。   在声明中,公司发现有不法份子利用非正常渠道获取我司艺人郭韵(郭MINI)不雅视频及照片,并进行恶意抹黑与传播,我司正追查此次视频及照片的发放人及上载人身份并向警方备案及委托律师跟进,任何发放、上载、转交或以其他形式传播有关视频及照片属违法侵权行为,任何人等均应立即停止此行为,否则本公司将会予以法律追究。   以下是该公司声明全文:相关的主题文章:

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