A hundred year old annual payment allowance of 3600 yuan in Hefei City, the old age allowance and longevity health care costs in October began issuing Hefei evening news September 27th, reporters from the Hefei Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Hefei city health and longevity allowance fee will begin issuing from October, according to statistics, this year, Hefei City to enjoy longevity health care conditions of centenarians 378 people the city to enjoy the old age allowance; the elderly 61512 people, among them, health and longevity fees for 3600 yuan per person per year, the allowance standard 600 yuan per person per year, a total of more than 38 million 268 thousand yuan of funds. It is understood, according to the "Hefei city health and longevity fees, OAA Interim Measures for the administration" (hereinafter referred to as the measures) regulations, enjoy the health and longevity fee in Hefei city for residence in the city, as of December 31st of that year before the age of 100 elderly people enjoy the allowance for the object; as of December 31st of that year reached the age of 80 and less than 100 the age of the elderly. Health and longevity fee payment standard: 3600 yuan per person per year; the OAA standard: the urban area is 600 yuan per person per year, four counties and one city (Chaohu) issued by local standards. According to the method, object conforms to enjoy longevity health care costs, allowance conditions every year from April 1st to May 20th, which I (agent) the applicant to carry identity cards, residence booklet, the domicile of the village (community) to apply for registration and annual inspection. The new object need to fill in Hefei longevity health fee, the allowance application form; the object has enjoyed, examined the correct fill in the application form on the back of Hefei longevity health fee, annual allowance, I (agent) signature. Health and longevity and the allowance for fees by the village (community) trial, and in the open column publicity 3 working days, without objection, reported to the relevant departments to review and approval. Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau requires long care costs, implementation of OAA Village (neighborhood community), township (street), the county grade examination and approval, targeted publicity, to be open and transparent, the implementation of dynamic management, the new staff to update and ensure the timely removal of the dead, in the digital accuracy; the OAA process capital, strict examination and approval procedures, to ensure the payment in place. (Huang Dawei, Hefei evening news, Hefei metropolitan network reporter Li Houxiang)

百岁老人每年发放津贴3600元 合肥市高龄津贴和长寿保健费10月开始发放   合肥晚报讯 9月27日,记者从合肥市民政局获悉,合肥市高龄津贴和长寿保健费将从10月开始发放,据统计,今年,合肥市符合享受长寿保健费条件百岁老人378人;市区符合享受高龄津贴的高龄老人61512人,其中,长寿保健费标准为每人每年3600元,高龄津贴标准为每人每年600元,以上共需资金3826.8万元。   据了解,根据《合肥市长寿保健费、高龄津贴发放管理暂行办法》(以下简称办法)规定,合肥市享受长寿保健费的对象为本市户籍,截至当年12月31日前年满100周岁的老年人;享受高龄津贴的对象为截至当年12月31日年满80周岁且小于100周岁的老年人。长寿保健费的发放标准:每人每年3600元;高龄津贴发放标准:市区范围是每人每年600元,四县一市(巢湖)按当地发放标准执行。   根据办法,符合享受长寿保健费、高龄津贴条件的对象于每年4月1日至5月20日期间,由本人(代办人)携带申请人身份证、户口簿,到户籍所在地村(社区)申请登记和年审。新增对象需填报合肥市长寿保健费、高龄津贴申请表;已享受的对象,年审无误后填写申请表背面的合肥市长寿保健费、高龄津贴年审表,本人(代办人)签字确认。长寿保健费和高龄津贴申请对象由村(社区)初审,并在政务公开栏公示3个工作日,无异议后,报相关部门复审、审批。   市民政局要求,长寿保健费、高龄津贴实行村委会(社区居委会)、乡镇(街道)、县区“分级审核审批,定点公示”,要做到公开透明,实行动态管理,对新增人员及时更新、死亡人员及时清除,保证数字准确性;在高龄津贴发放过程中,严格资金审批程序,确保发放到位。   (黄大伟 合肥晚报 合肥都市网记者 李后祥)相关的主题文章:

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